Saturday, May 31, 2014

Season One - Summer - Green

The Green Family of Belladonna

Front View of their industrial Home

Backyard View

Ground Floor

Second Floor

The Roof
The Green Household consists of two roommates.

Gabriel Green - 26 days til elder - Knowledge - LTW Chief of Staff

Chastity Gere - 27 days til elder - Romance - LTW 20 Loves

The welcome wagon arrives in the form of Bella Goth, Wanda Tinker and Denise Jacquet.

The girls spent a bit of time watching the new tv while I moved some things around a bit.  Nothing structural.  Just selling some things to buy a few others.

Looking into their memories we find that Gabriel is in love with Nina Caliente while Chastity is messing around with Carlos Contender.

That night Chastity was invited to a casual outing.  Gabriel tagged along.  It's a very Capp event.

During the outing, Chastity asks Tybalt Capp out on a date.

They had a great time.  The casual outing members started taking off and leaving them to it.

Chastity and Tybalt went at it all night long.

More members of the Lightning Rod Club were crowned.

After Tybalt headed off, Chastity hooked up with Geoff Rutherford.

Chastity is working in the business field.  She manages to get a promotion.

Gabriel hits up a coworker.  (If they aren't playable I'm not even trying to remember their names.)

Chastity makes a conquest of Herb Oldie.

Gabriel has a job in the slacker field as he hasn't yet found anything in medicine.

Chastity sets her sights on Consort Capp.

And he falls for her.

And soon she loves him too.

Oh Risky.  You are so cruel.

Gabriel finds his dream job.

Gabriel settles into skilling wants. 

After the first baby bump, Chastity starts keeping closer to home.

She's not modest our Chastity.

And that ends the summer here at the Green residence.

Chastity's baby is due soon.  The father?  I should make you wait to know, but that would be cruel as it could take YEARS at this rate.  So the answer is.....Herb Oldie.

Also Chastity currently has 4 loves.  Only 16 more to go.


  1. chastity is pregnant in my megahod too but i can't remmeber who the father is but it won't take long to get the household she is in.

  2. Chastity never had a child in my game, and one of the first things I did was to change her hairstyle - just can't stand the one she has by default :-)
    I know I am repeating myself here, but it is so nice for me to see the Sims I am so familiar with as their younger selves when in my game, the first generation of original adults are nearly all Elderls now and several have died already.

  3. Looks like a fun if Risky week here at the Green house. :D
    Both Sims were enjoying themselves eh?