Friday, May 16, 2014

Season One - Summer - Gieke

The Gieke Family of Belladonna

Chester Gieke lives in the green apartment on the end.  In the white apartment is the O'Mackey woman.  In the blue apartment is Erin Beaker.  In the red apartment is Ms Loste (who is usually a Single).  No, my name remembrance hasn't improved.  You should see me in real life.  Pitiful.

It's a tiny bachelor apartment.  This is the down stairs.

This is upstairs.  There isn't even room for a double bed.  Or anything else really.

Chester signed the lease before heading out for a day on the town.

Chester Gieke - Knowledge - LTW Criminal Mastermind
As you can see, Chester is very lazy and very shy.  He is also very playful and very nice.

Chester buys a cell phone and gets a little makeover.  He meets Bianca Monty and is blown away by her beauty.  He flirts with her a bit.  She quickly moves on and so does he.

He heads downtown to the gym.  He meets lots of people but doesn't find that one woman that makes his poor heart skip a beat. 

He heads home and runs into one of his neighbors, Ms Loste.  How dare she sniff his flowers.  They are HIS flowers.  She should just sniff her own.

Chester gets an invite for a casual group outing downtown.  He finds Titania Summerdream very attractive but...

her eyes lie elsewhere.  

So he settles on the girl that brought him to the dance and goes a round with Bianca.

Meanwhile, Kent Capp is beating up old folks.

How dare you beat up my wife!  Really...then I'll beat up you.  FIGHT!  Veronaville residence are always entertaining...or annoying depending on your view.

Chester takes a job in his preferred career.

After returning home, Chester makes the mistake of unlocking the door and Erin just makes herself at home.  Then she asks if he has any ice cream because she really wants some.

Yes, our little Chester has become career driven.  

All that studying makes Chester a dull boy but it's what he wants.

A lonely existence.

The only person he sees much is his neighbor Erin who constantly stops by and pukes in toilet.  Why mess up your own bathroom when you can mess up your neighbors?

Now I don't recall Erin being pregnant.  Since I've seen no pregnancy thought bubbles, I think she has food poisoning.  That happens a lot in my neighborhoods.  I do marathon downtown sessions and it makes it really easy to get the entire hood a puking.

My bad.  Now I feel terrible because we have to leave Chester on a down note.

This was a quick round.  After the initial socializing it was all study.  Maybe he will eventually find himself a nice girl and settle down but not this season.  He did make a couple of friends though and that counts for something.


  1. I must admit I have a soft spot for Chester. He got a makeover in my game, too, and has been happily married for a long time now to Tara Kat.
    Yes, those tiny apartments don't even hold a double bed, so I rarely play them for more than one Sim-week before getting fed up with them.

  2. my chester in my game has couple of bolts for two or three women but doesn't want to know them at all. All he wants to do is skill.

  3. I haven't played the Gieke family yet. He seems like he is doing well, even if it is a bit of a lonely existence.

  4. I aged Chester down and sent him to college, gave him long hair and an earring where he founded his own greek house, became big man on campus and is engaged to a pretty alien senior girl who will move in with him when she graduates. Chester has graduated summa cum laude and is high up in the Natural Science career track and working to getting his gold robotics talent badge....

  5. My Chester actually ended up with Bianca! Happily married with a kid on the way!