Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Season One - Summer - Delarosa

Florence Delarosa of Bluewater Village

This is the one story home of Ms Delarosa.  Off to the left you can see the attached home business.

This is the ground floor view from the back of the lot.  I didn't alter the home much.  I took the curtains off the door in the bedroom and moved the door over one space because the sims wouldn't use it where it was.  I also closed the home business in the middle of the season and sold all the business stuff leaving a large empty room for future expansion.  I am not a fan of home businesses.  When you and a close friend roll around in your bed for a bit and then he jumps up and complains loudly about the unmade bed even though the business is closed, it's time for the business to go.  That's my thoughts anyway.

Florence Delarosa is a knowledge sim with a lifetime want of becoming a Mad Scientist.  Florence is 18 days until elder.  She has stumbled a three bolt match with Lazlo Curious.  Almost all of her wants have to do with skilling.  

Florence heads downtown to buy a cell phone when she spies a young couple having a bit of fun in the photo booth.  She shrugs her shoulders and heads home.

She began her search for the career of her dreams.  Although she loves flowers and plants, nature is her natural hobby, she has closed down her flower business for now to have more time to devote to her science career.  That is if she ever manages to find an opening in the field.

The welcome wagon arrives.  All of them are other residence of Bluewater Village.  She shares a game of chess with Mr. Tinker (Stephen perhaps).  She is very attracted to him but she knows that he is a married man so she has no interest in anything more than a friendship.

The other members of the welcome wagon become friends by the end of the evening.

A science career continues to elude Florence so she studies cooking instead.

Loneliness finally set in so she called up Lazlo and asked him to come over.

She woke up alone.  Lazlo was no where to be found.  

Florence was fascinated with logic in all its forms.  She often gazed at the stars.  Those stars she could see anyway.

Still no luck with her career.  She studies.  She eats.  She sleeps.  She gets lonely.

Lazlo stops in for another visit.  She finds him irresistible.  She is in love with him and yet she hesitates to ask for a permanent relationship.

On a whim, Florence calls the garden club and asks for membership.  She had been working on a small vegetable garden in her side yard.

She gains membership.  Apparently she has some work to do on her garden though if she wants to earn a wishing well.

Due to my own stupidity, I wound up playing this house twice.  For some unknown reason I didn't save when exiting the first time.  I could have kicked myself.  Things weren't much different the second time except that she actually found a job the first go round.  No such luck the second.

Florence never rolled any wants towards Lazlo.  Her calling him over was due to ACR and a low social bar.  They could end up together eventually but I just wasn't feeling it.

Sorry it's been so long since an update.  I've been working on a Plesantview Wants neighborhood which can be found here.  Pleasantview is my favorite neighborhood although I have had some terrible luck with it.  Crashes mainly.  And my own stupidity.


  1. I read your pleasantview wishes blog but I cannot seem to comment on there. I also read this blog too. glad of an update. It sure has been quite a long time for your megahood.

    1. I went in and changed a few settings so maybe the comments will work over there now. Yes, it's been a while. I've only been playing Pleasantview but I found I needed a break, so here I am.

  2. Funny that in my game, Florence has Lazlo's brother Pascal Curious as her live-in lover until his death! Like you, I shut down her home business but modified little about the house.

  3. I haven't played her yet, but I might shut down her business too. I haven't played many home businesses. The closest I got was an "pet adoption" business in Breeze Point, my prosperity. It's not really a BUSINESS, just a family who raises lots of pets and adopts them out. lol