Friday, May 16, 2014

Season One - Summer - GoodieThe

The Goodie family of Downtown

Herbert Goodie - Knowledge - LTW Unobtainable (Mad Scientist)
Faith Goodie - Knowledge - LTW Unobtainable (Criminal Mastermind)

As mentioned earlier, the Goodie family have the same house as the Gavigan family.  Yes, the HUGE house.  Being an elderly couple, Herbert and Faith settle into the bottom floor thus avoiding the stairs.  They sell the expensive tiles out back and replace them with a cheaper version.  They have debt to pay off, although not as much as the Gavigan family, and want to put as much as possible towards the debt someday.

Upon entering the lot we learn that Herbert has some large wants and Faith just wants her husband in her bed.  You go Faith.

After working up an appetite, Herbert orders Chinese.

Neither Goodie knows how to cook but Faith becomes determined to change that.  Her natural hobby is cuisine so she spends a lot of time learning new dishes.

Herbert & Faith are a cute couple.

Herbert sets off to build a family garden.  Upon entering the lot, Herbert had two large wants: become a witch and become a plant sim.  He doesn't know any magical people so....  It turns out nature is his natural hobby.

Faith continues to study.  Herb continues to work the garden.

Knowledge.  Awesome.

The family puts in a pond.  Herb wants to fish when he isn't gardening.  He and Consort Capp get it know each other while not really catching any fish.

Since Herb and Faith don't need much furniture, there was plenty of cash left.  Instead of paying down the mortgage shrubs, they chose to fix up the yard.

Herb wanted to join the garden club so we made it count.  Then we sold the stuff we used and paid down on the debt.  Of course then he wanted a perfect garden.  I have NEVER had a perfect garden.  I don't even know how to go about that.

Herb wishes for cash to pay down the family debt.

Faith uses the wishing well to make a few friends.  She then shows off her new cooking skills.


I get my first purposely turned plantsim.  Herbert was thrilled.

After a dip in the pool and a quick wish for cash, a plant light is installed by the bookcase.  Herbert is a knowledge sim after all.

Faith wished for friends and got a group of youngsters.  I don't remember that ever happening before.  

Faith got a bit overheated.  Summer went out in a heat wave.  Faith wants to become a plantsim now.  I don't know if that's possible.  It's a lot harder to do in the fall but we'll see what we can work out.

And that ends our summer with the Goodie family.  Yes, there will probably be a little green baby one day.  Just one.  Probably just one.  At least one.  Probably.

and now I'm all caught up with my blogging :) 
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  1. I loved the Goodies when I played them! Herbert became indeed a warlock in my game, and passed his magical ability on to his young friend Matthew Hart. Matthew inherited his cauldron and book of spells, and is now a good witch himself.
    How good for them to have a wishing well! So far, none of the Sims I have made to call the Garden Club has ever had a good enough garden for that.
    Maybe Faith wouldn't be so easily overheated if she took off her hat ;-)

  2. lol that hat remark made me laugh, half the time they don't take their hat off when in their pyjamas or bed. I don't like plantsim cos they don't sleep or eat for some reason I like my sims to sleep.

    1. Me too, I much prefer the "normal" Sims, which is why I have been "curing" several of the Plantsims in my game. It is also nice seeing what they look like when they are fully "human" again (I mean those who were born Plantsims; of course we know what the transformed Plantsims looked like before).

  3. Oh wow, Herbert is a plantsim. They didn't wish for anything but each other and skilling in Megalahood, for the most part. Some Cuisine wishes came up, but that was about it. How fun here!