Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Season One - Summer - Gavigan

The Gavigan Family of Downtown

The Gavigan Family live in this large home downtown.  Using the mortgage shrubs, the family took out a hefty loan to purchase this house.  The interest is a couple hundred dollars per day. 

This is the backyard.


Upstairs.  You'll be seeing this same house again when we get to the Goodie & Ottamas families.

The Gavigan Family is a family of three.

Nathan Gavigan - 29 days til elder - Fortune - LTW Hall of Famer

Mary Gavigan (post makeover) - 29 days til elder - Family - Golden Anniversary

Isaiah Gavigan - Taurus - 5-5-3-8-4

Despite their different aspirations, Nathan and Mary have two bolts of attraction.

After Mary gets the party started, Nathan takes it all upstairs.  It's time to break in their new bed.

Later, Nathan greets the welcome wagon.  Mrs Ramirez (no I can't recall her full name) is becoming a blog hog.  Her and her husband show up all the time but never together.  With her is Greenman (I think) and Viejo or Wan (maybe?).  It's been a long time and another reality when I last played some of these sims.  And some of them, like the Gavigan's, I've never played.

It's summer so strangers are quickly becoming friends.

Get your dance on.

By the end of the evening we have even more people hanging around.  No, I don't know their names either. 

Nathan finds his dream job on the first try.  Nice.

And Risky hates me.  HATES ME!  Well, she did have the want.

Isaiah wants to fish so we build him a pond.  

Isaiah is very playful.  When he isn't fishing he's hitting strangers up to play with him.  Some even say yes.

Have a nice day hun, I'm off to fish. 

Nathan teaches Isaiah to study.  

This is about the point that I realize that this house is WAY to BIG for this family.  Oh well.  With my luck they'll grow into it.

Before you know it, Mary is in labor.

She gives birth to a daughter, Naomi.

Isaiah starts bringing home friends from school.  

Nathan is trying to find a way to get out of debt.  Good luck with that.  He was way in the hole to start.  But he's a determined little fortune sim and he does get a little bit of a start.

I normally forget about this baby swing.  Naomi is really enjoying it.  Good thing since her parents left her in it all night long.

Time flies and it's Naomi's birthday.

Naomi Gavigan - Sagittarius - 4-4-9-7-1
Naomi doesn't seem to have as many sharp angles as her brother does.

Although the family has a girl, we go blue with the nursery because we already have a cloud room downstairs.  It makes a perfect nursery.

And that ends this season at the Gavigan house.  Next time, toddler training.  Fun.


  1. A huuuuge house indeed! Doesn't it get on your nerves when your Sims need hours to get from one end to the other?

    Nice to see some of the other playables. The lady's full name is Lisa Ramirez, by the way. The other members of the welcome wagon are Jason Greenman and Cleo Shikibu (Patricia Wan's best friend).
    If I didn't take notes while playing, I wouldn't know who I am looking at half of the time!

  2. yep i agree if with you there. I hate having houses that take ages to get around. If we didn't take notes we wouldn't remember everybody in the game.

  3. I don't take the greatest notes on who everyone is, but I'm starting to learn them. Many through blogs. :) These guys had a good round. In Megalahood they aren't very close so far. Naomi is a very cute little girl.