Sunday, June 8, 2014

Season One - Summer - Greenman

The Greenman Family of Riverblossom

The front view of their two story home.

Rear view.

First floor, side view.

Upstairs loft.

Jason O'Mackey Greenman - 21 days til elder - Knowledge - LTW Golden Anniversary

Rose Greenman - 23 days til elder - Family - LTW Golden Anniversary

Daisy Greenman - 4 days til adulthood

Daisy is the spawned daughter of Rose.

Jason gave up his name so that Rose could carry on hers.  He has a brother Gabe & a niece.

Rose gives Daisy all the love a little plantbaby needs.  Then she starts teacher Daisy a nursery rhyme.

Jason started learning.  He loves learning.

He's interrupted by the arrival of the welcome party; Wanda Tinker, Mortimer Goth & Brandi Broke Dreamer.

When everyone left, Jason and Rose enjoyed a little alone time.

Daisy plays with her teddy.

Jason works in Oceanography.  Rose is currently unemployed.

The family installs a small pond.  It is only mildly successful.  The lot is just a bit to small.

Before we know it, Daisy transforms into an adult.

Daisy Greenman - Pleasure - 50 dream dates

Don Lothario walks by and Daisy thinks he's the perfect guy to be her first date.  You know Don.  He's always up for anything.

He gives Daisy her first kiss.

First dream date complete.

Rose announces her pregnancy.  I have to say this one took me by surprise.  I turned off the lullaby ages ago but I usually peek with ACR.  This will be the first child for Rose and Jason.

Things are going well for Jason.  In this outfit, he truly resembles his brother.

Daisy and Don share a second dream date downtown.  Daisy shares all the family secrets.

Daisy and Don have three bolts of attraction.  They may or may not end up together but there is no doubt they will probably share more dates in the future.

Daisy gets set up on another date with Ocean.  Isn't he married? Looks back...nope.  Just a baby daddy and in a relationship with Chloe Curious-Smith.  No wedding ring.  That doesn't make it right but I feel a little better.

While in the middle of her date with Ocean...

Don Lothario brings by a lovely date gift.  Kaching.

They didn't even let Don leave the lot before hopping into the hot tub.  So I had to wait until they were gone to move it out by the pool.

That is it for the Greenman family.  It was a quick season.  Sorry to see this one go. I was having fun.


  1. How nice - you have given Daisy the same dress as I have, back when she was still an adult woman! (She now is an elderly lady in my game, and a long time ago made the transition from PlantSim to "human" Sim.)

  2. I've always liked the Greenman's and their funny house. Wow that Don must be in his element with the ladies from every 'hood at his disposal! lol.
    Looking forward to seeing the offspring of Rose and Jason.