Saturday, May 31, 2014

Season One - Summer - Goth

The Goth Family of Pleasantview

Original Goth Manor - street side view

Original Roof

Original 3rd Floor

Original 2nd Floor

Original 1st floor

The stairs were removed and replaced.  Spiral staircases go from the roof...

down to the new basement.  I have been adding elevators in this house recently but I didn't this time.  I didn't actually change the original foundation.  Just changed the stairs and maybe a few walls here and there.

I am sad to say that I can not find the family mug shots.  I guess I just forgot with all the excitement.  Luckily, most everyone knows what the Goth's look like.

The Goth Family:

Mortimer Goth - 58 years old - Knowledge / Popularity - LTW max 7 skills
Cassandra Goth - 26 days til elder - Family - LTW marry 6 kids
Alexander Goth - 4 days til teen

We enter this lot to a scenario.  Cassandra and Don Lothario are engaged and they are suppose to be getting married.  I should state on the record that Cassandra Goth is one of my least favorite simmies, and that says something, and my feelings for her may have clouded the outcome of these events.

Instead of walking his daughter down the isle towards that man (who we all know has already knocked up Nina Caliente this round resulting in twin sons), Mortimer calls up his estranged wife Bella Goth.  They are no longer legally married but after years of searches by hired goons, Mortimer has found her and wants her back home.  He doesn't mention his own affair with Dina Caliente or his new baby daughter Ella.  No need to ruin the moment.

Bella Goth - 28 days til elder (yes younger than her own daughter Cassandra) - Romance - 20 LOVES

Their relationship might not be perfect but Bella and Mortimer commit themselves to making it work.

Mortimer heads upstairs to show Bella the new closet that he had installed in their room, only to find the closet in use.  Cassandra hasn't married him but she let him show her a thing or two in the closet.

Don and Cassandra finish up just in time to witness Mortimer and Bella renewing their marriage vows.  Right by the bed.  For expediency sake.

Cassandra notices Don's roaming eyes.  

The Goth family is back together.  

Don can't believe what some people will do for money.  

Cassandra ponders her life over a bowl of soup.  Should she marry him?  Should she hold out for better than a marriage to a man she has absolutely no attraction to?

Perhaps gardening will help find the answers?  Or perhaps not.  In the end, Don leaves and Cassandra goes to bed alone.

Mortimer discovers his natural hobby is nature.  That works out well as I am decking out his yard.  If I'm not going to completely rearrange the house then I must rework the yard.  And with the Goth fortune at my disposal, it is getting DECKED.

Alex makes his first appearance as he heads off to private school.

Bella wakes up refreshed and heads to the piano.

Cassandra thinks her mother has no skill....and she is correct.

Bella and Mortimer head downtown for new cell phones.  The run into Don who proceeds to tell Bella all the things he did to her daughter in the photo booth.

The couple spend some quite time getting to know people.  Bella will need to know a lot of people to get that lifetime want completed someday.

We return home to find that lightning has set the new decorations on fire.  The fireman didn't arrive on the scene until Bella had almost controlled the blaze.

Mortimer plays and Bella teaches Alexander how to study.

Oh Risky.  What have you done to me?  Does Risky work on closets?  Oh but then there was the bed.  Well, one or the other I guess.

Mortimer throws a party for some of his friends.  Much to my dismay, he was rolling popularity wants more than knowledge wants.  

That night, Cassandra announces that she is with child.

The next afternoon...

Alexander has a quiet birthday in the garden.  Alexander has rolled into a life of knowledge.  He hopes to become a Media Magnet someday.

It's the perfect aspiration for living in Goth Manor.

Cassandra continues to get bigger.

She goes out in search of Don.  She isn't thrilled with where she find him.   Doesn't he even notice she's pregnant?  

Bella continues her friend building ways.  She is working in the slacker fiend and collecting friends to someday turn into loves.

Alex (it's hard to think of him as Alexander in that shirt) heads to Strangetown to buy a cellphone.

While building the garden, I found this beautiful little nitch that I thought was perfect for a telescope.  Maybe I should have went with a garden bench instead.

Cassandra saw the hole thing through the window.  Maybe her mother was gone for good.  One can dream, right?

Drats.  She's back.

Bella wouldn't discuss the event.  

Not even with her son.  Some people say she was abducted away all those years ago.  Bella neither denies nor confirms.  She changes the subject.

The next day, Mortimer was sure that his prize garden was ready for viewing.  He called up the garden club for an evaluation.

Things started out well.  And then the scenario just stopped for some reason.

Apparently I'll have to wait a season to try it again.  ERRR.  Not a happy controller after this.

But first, we have a baby to be born.

It's a beautiful little girl.

Mortimer, could you hold the baby?  No?

Bella, could you hold the baby?  Thanks.

Cause we've got another one to spin out.  A boy this time.

Yes, twins.  Meet Hansel and Gretel Goth.  These guys are natural twins, although I do think Cassandra's aspiration perk is turned on.

Bella is a grandma.  Can you believe it?

And that makes four kids for Don Lothario this round.  Two sets of twins.  Elberto & Elonzo Caliente and Hansel & Gretel Goth.  And we haven't even gotten to his house yet.

Bella manages to get a promotion.

And just in time.  Yes, Bella Goth is alien pregnant.  Who'd have thunk it would happen?

Alexander refuses to go into the house and into all this madness.

And finally, the cops come and break up another one of Mortimer's parties.  I've found that after he throws a party, he starts wanting to skill during the party, which is just weird.

So there you have it.  One season in the life our the Goth family.

I guess I'll work on Cassandra's LTW of 6 kids married off even though I just don't like her.  So I'm on the lookout for a husband for her and a place for her to move.  Not sure if she will wind up with Don, who I LOVE, or with someone else.  I have a possible fish on the hook but I have a crazy idea he may have a girl already set up for him in the game.  Guess we'll just have to wait and see.  And yes, Mortimer will take elixir to complete his LTW next season if needed.


  1. Cass is alright, I suppose - you just have to get to know her a bit better :-) Love Hansel and Gretel!!
    How strange that Bella would result pregnant from her Alien abduction - I've never had that happen to a female Sim in my game.

  2. Yeah Don is one of my favourite sims to play and it's only fair to spread those genes around the 'hood. :D
    The Goth's are a good family to play too, they grow on me each time I play them. Cassandra had twins in my game too!