Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Season One - Summer - DeBateau

The DeBateau Family of Belladonna Cove

The DeBateau Family live on the top floor of this fancy apartment building.

This is their penthouse suite. 

Armand DeBateau - Family - Golden Anniversary

Tara DeBateau - Knowledge - Max 7 skills

Taking a look through Armand's memories we find that Tara is adopted and Armand is divorced.  His first wife cheated on him so he kicked her to the curb.

Armand heads to work.  Tara, has a makeover and heads downtown.  She buys a cell phone and plays some chess with Patricia Wan.

I enjoy watching the other playable sims while downtown.

You just never know what you might see.

Armand gets home from work.  He brings home a coworker, Geoff Rutherford.

Armand wants to be friends with Geoff.  The two become best buds out in the middle of the road.

That night, Armand heads downtown.  He longs for a wife.  He pays a huge sum to be set up with someone suitable.

Really?  She isn't playable.  I requested playable and unattached.  Did you even listen?

Armand and Katy Ng just didn't hit it off.  They did have two bolts of attraction.  They did eventually become friends.  But Armand just didn't think she was the one.

His bad date made him long for Samantha Cordial, a woman he fell in love with some time ago.  Apparently he doesn't realize she's recently married someone else.

When Armand gets home he gets a call from Samantha asking him on a casual outing.

The whole motley crew.

Right off the bat, Samantha and her husband get romantic.

How could you?  How could you cheat on me with your husband?  

I think Armand was having flashbacks of his own first marriage.

Armand tried to let it go.  He really did.  But he remained furious at the couple.  Needless to say the outing was called early and Armand headed home.

Where he lost his mind and called over the girl he doesn't really like for a quickie out in the hall.

Realizing he had made a terrible mistake, Armand quickly says goodbye to Katy, aka slamming the door in her face.  He then helped Tara with her homework.

A family meal soothed his tattered nerves.  Or so he told himself.

When he went to bed alone.  ALONE.

You know the penthouse really does have a nice view.

Things didn't improve for Armand.  He just couldn't let go of his anger.

He set the kitchen on fire and ran out of the apartment forgetting all about Tara.  Tara was so engrossed in studying, the only thing she does, that she didn't even know.

Eventually Armand's funk started rubbing off on even Tara.  She tried to do maintenance on the grandfather clock and completely destroyed it.  I hope it wasn't a family heirloom. 

On the last day of summer, Armand throws a house party and invites over all his playable friends.

His only wants had been to have best friends.  There.  Happy?

(No.  Now he wants BFFs.  Urrr.)

During the party, Armand hooked up with Samantha's twin sister Kimberly.  He suddenly realized that he loved her and always had.

He asked her to marry him.  He took her scream as acceptance.

Kimberly quickly pushed for marriage.  She didn't even bother to change out of her bathing suit first.

Oh yeah.  Did I forget to mention that?

Kimberly moved in with very little money and very little to her name.  She left her son, Blaze, in her sister's care.

After purchasing a new cauldron from her friend, Kimberly set up shop in the hidden room.  She doubted Armand even knows it's there.

Armand spends his wedding night eating dinner with Tara.  She is worried about her father.  She hopes he didn't make a terrible mistake.  Was this a rebound marriage?

I guess we'll have to wait and see.

Armand had very few doable wants.  He played on the computer and shuffled daily.  Otherwise he wanted friends and best friends.  The want to get married was locked in.  I kept wanting him to roll up romantic  wants for someone but other than Samantha, he never did.  I can only hope this marriage won't be as disastrous as his first.  I fear it might be.

Tara studied, studied, studied.  She did manage to make friends with Hal Capp, a boy she met as a child and has two bolts of attraction for.

As you may remember, Kimberly was recently abducted by aliens and is alien pregnant.  She left her first child, a son with Carlos Contender, with her sister to raise.  I still haven't figured out where I'm going to put a nursery in this place.  This is why me and apartments don't get along.  I can't move the walls.

On a weird side note, I played and blogged this while sitting through a snow storm here in the real world.  My satellite has gone out and I'm restless.  We from the south aren't use to snow and two storms in as many days is wearing on my nerves.  I have a feeling the roads will be bad tomorrow.  I'm going to gain twenty pounds if this keeps up.  


  1. Poor Armand! He seems to be forever destined to be unlucky with his choice of women... in my game, he had his Golden Anniversary with no other than Chastity Gere, who kept working on her LTW of 20 lovers for nearly all her married life.
    Now I am curious about two things:
    1. You say Tara met Hal when she was a child. Did she start as a child in your game? In mine, she is already a teenager from the start.
    2. How did Kimberley get Alien-pregnant? I thought this can happen only to male Sims.

    Hope the snow will clear for you soon! We're having the mildest winter I can remember in a long time.

  2. Poor Armand. Hopefully things will go ok with Kimberley.

  3. I think there is a hack for female alien abduction pregnancies. Maybe meeting Hal when Tara when she was child in her memories. She is usually a teen when you start playing her.

  4. Poor Armand. He found a non-playable match and she is pregnant in my hood. Normally, with such a large hood I wouldn't bring in non-playables, but since they are all maxis sims I'm just going to go with it.