Saturday, June 6, 2015

1.28 The Traveller Family of Downtown

Trent Traveller - 29 days til elder - Knowledge - Criminal Mastermind - Arts & Crafts

Trisha Traveller - 29 days til elder - Popularity - celebrity chef - music & dance

Tina Traveller - 8 days til teen - sports

Trisha:  No.  No hugs.  Just go inside and see your new room.

Tina:  Yes mommy.

Tina:  Why doesn't mommy love me?

Trent:  Oh Tina, your mommy loves you.  She just doesn't know you that well.  We shouldn't have left you alone for so long as we traveled.  But we're all here together now.  One big happy family.

Tina:  You won't leave?

Trent:  No baby.  We are going to live here together from now on.

Trisha:  You can't keep up your criminal ways Trent.  What if you get caught again?  You'll go to prison and never get out.  What will happen to me?

Trent:  And Tina.  What will happen to you AND Tina?  Nothing.  I won't get caught.  I promised our daughter that we would live together from now on.  I won't risk that.

Trisha:  Then you will change your ways?

Trent:  No...I just won't get caught.

Tina:  I get to go to school?  Awesome.

Trent:  I told you, we are here to stay.  We will be like any other normal family.

Trisha:  So long as you...

Trent:  Trisha!  Enough!  We are going to be a happy loving normal family.  I promise.

Isabella Monty:  Lovely home.

Trent:  Yes.  More than I could afford to pay cash for but I think I'll have the loan paid off in no time.

Tina:  You really consider that dancing?

Isabella:  If you're moving, you can call it dancing.  This is called 'Riding the Pony'.

Gabriel:  Boo.  No talent kid.  None.

Trent:  Hey!  That's my kid.  Watch what you say.

Gabriel:  Not my fault your kid isn't athletic.

Trent:  You know babe, one of these days we are really going to have to stop carrying these backpacks everywhere.  You'd be so much easier to hug without it.

Tina:  Are you sure mommy?

Trisha:  Of course I'm sure.  I've traveled the world.  I know about all kinds of things about all kinds of places.

Tina:  But mommy, this is math.

Trent:  Oh.  So that's what I did wrong.

Tina:  Mommy?

Trisha:  Off to work.  Later.

Tina:  I'm sure I can do this on my own.

Trisha:  It's called the slap dance.  It's very big up in the mountains.

Trisha:  It's so peaceful out here.

Trisha:  Trent!  Hold on baby!

Trent:  Ahhhh!!!!   Road rash!!!

Trent:  Finally, I've traveled everywhere.

Trent:  Oh no.  Not that.

Cassandra:  Should I marry him?  Should I find someone else?  I could just stay single forever?  What to do?  What to do?

Trisha:  Could you hold on for a sec?

Trisha:  Yeah, I'm back.  Just had to talk a Goth into trimming some shrubs.       No.  I think she's nuts.  Muttering to herself constantly.  Weird those Goths.

Trent:  Will it never end?

Cassandra:  He would make pretty babies.  And he dresses like he has money.

Brittany:  Don't you have a baby maker?

Cassandra:  Sort of.  But maybe I should trade him in.  Or not?  I don't know what to do.

Brittany:  So you love Don but he doesn't do it for you.  Right?

Cassandra:  Well....

Brittany:  Cassandra?

Cassandra:  No.  He doesn't do it for me.

Brittany:  Then I say trade him in.

Trent:  You're making me sick.

Trent:  At least the puking is over with.  I guess I'm having a baby.

LTW: Woohoo 20 sims

Tina:  And I guess I'll spend my life searching for love.  

House shots:

Front Yard 

Back view

Down Stairs


Career Happenings:


So, the Travellers are not my favorite family.  I've never felt like Trent and Trisha fit but I've vowed to leave all the premade couples together unless they roll wants that will separate them.  

Trent:  Loves to study.  Lots of skilling wants.  I had a mixed reaction to the alien abduction.  On the one hand, I was trying not to get Trisha knocked up immediately.   I succeeded in that (I think) but then I got Trent knocked up.  It wasn't intentional but I do love those green babies.

Trisha:  Was all about the friends.  She was constantly on the phone with someone she had met the day before.  She didn't have much to do with Tina.  They eventually became friends but not by much.  She had some wants for Trent but nothing major.

Tina:  Exactly how young were her parents when she was born?  Never mind.  I just can't help wondering.  I somehow didn't manage to get her teen aging picture.  Whoops.  She aged up right before the end of the round.  She did a good deal of skilling as a child.  She also made some friends.  

The home is a maxis house from the sim bin.  It took a loan to buy it.  They still owe a little bit.

Next time we'll have a green baby.  Wonder how long poor Trent will have to stay preggers?


  1. i love this house it needs a little tweaking here and there but i would love house that sit on a lake. Trisha isn't with Trent in my games, she has moved twice one with Gabe O'mackey and now she is with Jimmy Phoenix. I think your right i don't think they belong together either.

  2. I've played this house, too, and liked it, but am not using it at the moment. Seeing it now in your pictures has made me want to move someone in there and play it again.
    The Travellers look so different in your game! Had it not been for their original outfits, I wouldn't have recognized them.
    Trent died long ago in my game (fire... what else!), while Trisha did leave him and Tina when she moved in with Carlos Contender, her 3-bolt-love. Now Trisha is an elderly lady, Carlos died and left his house to her, and Tina moved in with her mother (rather grudgingly, at first) after she graduated.

  3. The Travellers aren't my favs either :(

  4. I enjoyed playing Tina more than her parents as I recall. It's sad that her mommy hates her. :D