Monday, June 22, 2015

1.31 The Landgraab Family of Bluewater Village

Malcolm Landgraab - 29 days til elder - Fortune - Criminal Mastermind - Fitness

Malcolm:  Welcome pretty lady to my humble abode.

Nina Caliente:  It's a good thing you're rich cause charming you aren't.

Malcolm:  Ah my dear, you look lovely by hot tub light.

Jodie:  Oh you.  Tell me more.

Malcolm:  Well my parents inherited this place from my grandparents.  I got it when they croaked.  It could use a makeover but, it is home.

Jodie:  Well I do love the hot tub.  I wonderful experience for sure.

Nina:  Well someone's easy.  For sure.

Malcolm:  Ladies.  Let's not fight over little old me.

Nina:  We won't be.  Surprisingly, I find myself extremely selective of late.  He's all yours honey.  For as long as you can hold him....which I doubt will be long.

Malcolm:  I don't understand why she didn't want me.  I don't understand why I care.

Malcolm:  I guess I better see about making some money.  I seem to be spending a lot faster than it's rolling back in.

Malcolm:  Ah my lovely, it is so wonderful seeing you here.  Have you seen the new photo booth?

Jodie:  No.

Malcolm:  Well, let me show it to you.

Malcolm:  Yes, I do come from money.  Of course you can never get to much cash.  So I guard it fiercely.  You understand right?  Being poor yourself.

Jessica Peterson:  What?

Malcolm:  You should look elsewhere sweetie.  The Landgraabs have long since developed a gold digger sixth sense.  Mine went off like crazy the moment you walked in.

Jessica:  Oh.  So, do you know any eligible Goths?  Or Roths?  Capps maybe?

Malcolm:  Those dance moves are unique, just like you.

Alexander O'Mackey:  Yeah, I know.

Malcolm:  Yeah, sure, I'm making snapdragons to help the environment or something.  Couldn't be doing it for the potential cash benefit.  No, not me.

Malcolm:  Buns of steel.

Malcolm:  Why are you following me?  Are you staring at my buns of steel?

Wanda Tinker:  You've got to be kidding me.

Malcolm:  Making big money brings me inner peace.

Malcolm:  Just need a few for around the house.  Then a few more for at the office.

Malcolm:  Why did I want to do this again?  Are we sure it's not dangerous?

Malcolm:  Of course I have a sterling reputation.  I never get caught doing things I shouldn't be doing.  That's the trick you know.  Never get caught.

Cassandra:  You remind me of Don right now for some reason.

Malcolm:  Ah beautiful girl, you flatter me.

Casandra:  <swoons>

Blue Jeans:  Can she truly be falling for this?


Malcolm:  Well, lets see if we can turn some merchandise before anyone realizes it's fallen off the truck.

Malcolm:  Ah lovely lady.  Thank you for shopping with us today.  Do come again.

Customer:  Where are my smooth words Landgraab?

Malcolm:  I save those for the gold customers. Should you wish to spend more, I will shower you with words and gestures.

Kitty Rossi:  I'm so glad my friend set us up.

Malcolm:  I am pleased as well.  You are a stunner my Kitty.  Something beyond compare.

Kitty:  Oh Malcolm.

Malcolm:  Oh Kitty.

Malcolm:  Come along deary.  I'm closing up soon.  Hot date with a hot girl.

Isabella:  Ah, young love.

Malcolm:  Ah.  I love the smell of money in the morning.  Or night.  Well always actually.

Kitty:  Thanks for asking me out again Malcolm.  I think we have something special.

Malcolm:  I agree.  I really do.

Malcolm: I can't chat right now.  I'm about to drop the bomb on one very special girl.

Malcolm:  Kitty Rossi, will you marry me?

Kitty:  Oh Malcolm.  Yes.  YES!

Malcolm:  I don't want to be away from you Kitty.  Won't you move in?

Kitty:  I thought you'd never ask.

Malcolm:  So, for our first night as a couple?  Kinky or sweet?

Kitty:  Well....

Kitty Rossi (Landgraab) - Fortune - Head of SCIA - Sports

Ashley Pitts:  Babe.  I'd kiss you breathless if you'd give me a chance.

Kitty:  Uh...NO!

Ashley:  Your loss.

Malcolm:  I won't let you slip away.  Marry me now?

Kitty: Yes.  Oh Malcolm, yes.

{Marital Bliss}

Gypsy:  Not that they need it but I'm not allowed to discriminate.

Kitty:  Having money is nice.

Malcolm:  Today's the day I conquer that hill.

Malcolm:  Being rich is the best.

Kitty:  Oh Malcolm...

Malcolm:  Yeah.  I know.

Kitty:  There are moments when having it all becomes a bit boring.  Luckily they don't last long.

Malcolm:  Ah my darling wife.  Let me distract you.

Malcolm:  Don't look at me like that.  I have on swim trunks.

Malcolm:  Yes officers.  I have receipts for all this merchandise.

Daniel:  For some reason, I always imagined you Landgraabs ate lobster for every meal.

Malcolm:  Well normally we do but sometimes we mix it up and have some mac & cheese just to remind ourselves how the rest of you live.

Malcolm:  Did I see that right?  Did a pregnant man just waddle by me?

Jason Greenman:  So I was looking through a telescope, not unlike you are now, when a bright light appeared and I was wisked away.  I got home a few hours later and now I'm with child.

Malcolm:  Are you trying to scare me or talk me into something completely insane?

Mitch Indie:  I've made it into yet another family entry.  I  AM  AWESOME!

Absolute perfection.  Boo yeah!


front of the house

back yard


downstairs left

downstairs right

man cave

Career doings:


I played this lot 23 days ago so my memory isn't the best.  I always say I'm going to keep the blogging up but it never seems to happen.

Malcolm owned two stores upon entering the lot.  I decided to play them even though he didn't have a want for businesses or extreme money.  I guess I was in a mood.  In the end I kept the club and sold the other business.  That gave the family a ton of cash.  Two fortune sims with plenty of cash means many of buy me wants completed.  If I remember correctly, Malcolm may have bought a third business.  It seems like I was going to do a flower shop.  I think.  Well I'll find out later I guess.

Malcolm and Kitty were set up by a customer at the store.  They are a three bolt couple.  Kitty was a college student.  I think they work well together.  Kitty rolled the want to get engaged while on a date and I used that as an excuse to get them engaged.  She later rolled up the want to marry (after I'd moved her in).  The move in might have been a bit rushed but oh well.  Malcolm didn't seem to mind the marriage although he didn't roll that many wants for Kitty.  The two now follow each other around.  3 bolt craziness.

I did change Malcolm's name to get rid of the III which annoyed me.  They are just Landgraab now.  Much better.

Several more updates to go.  I'll get them up when I can.  Happy simming all!


  1. Great round for Malcolm! Kitty looks the perfect match for him... if any of my Sims meet a townie/student or other non-playable and have 3 bolts for them, they are allowed to act on that attraction, too. So far, it has only happened once in my hood, with Carla Reamon (native from Twikii) turning out to be Connor Weir's 3-bolt-girl.
    Nice to see you've left the house (which I like) largely unchanged. Malcolm has Alien twins in my game and so the upstairs office was made into a nursery.

    1. I had been trying to keep playables together but it's hard to deny a 3 bolt match. No I haven't done much to the house yet. It may need a makeover when/if children come along.

  2. I like Malcom not many people do but i can't really hate my sims.

    1. I like him when I'm playing him. When I'm not controlling him and he's pranking everyone in sight, he's not my favorite.

  3. Kitty is a perfect match for Malcolm :) and I love the house unchanged ;)

  4. After all those ladies it was a surprise to see Malcolm settle down with Kitty. I wonder if he'll stay faithful with all those gold diggers latching onto him?
    Great idea to sell one of the businesses, it's a good way to make lots of money.