Sunday, June 7, 2015

1.29 Academe Le Tour - Dorm

We move forward to uni, a dorm at Academe Le Tour to be exact.  We have turn down ACR which helped tremendously.  We are playing some of the Maxis college kids.  I'll state upfront that I'm not attached to any of these guys.  It kind of felt like playing townies I didn't know.  I did my best though.  I tried to fulfill their wants as much as possible and let them do their own thing otherwise.

So....let's meet this students.
Tom Freshe (post makeover) - Uni freshman - Fortune - earn 100k

Mitch Indie - Uni Freshman - Family - Captain Hero

Emily Lee (pre-makeover) - Uni Freshman - Knowledge - Media Magnet

Max Flexor - Uni Freshman - Popularity - Hall of Famer

Marla Biggs - Uni Freshman - Knowledge - World Class Ballerina (Standing besides a 3 bolt match that wondered by on day one.)

The students immediately start working on their stills.  As a reminder, I make sure they learn their needed skills for that semester then I fulfill wants if possible.  They take themselves to class (or not) and only do term papers if the want rolls up.  Max never did a term paper but he did occasionally influence someones else to do it for him.

Slap dance is sweeping the Megahood.  I've concluded that it started with vacation teens that were coming home on the school bus.  Otherwise I don't know where it came from since no one has taken a vacation yet.

Max became my first member of the secret society.  He was a friend making fool.  Making friends were his main wants.

The students earned a lamp.  We rolled for ownership and Max won.  It's tucked away in his backpack for later use.

The seasons for this university was set at fall, winter, fall, spring.  Marla seemed to be the only student that enjoyed the snow.  She made many a snowman.

No, ACR didn't seem to go away completely.  There was some flirting that occurred here and there.  I'm not sure if any of these students will end up together or not.  Maybe.

Emily gets a makeover because I got bored.

I had heard a rumor that a college student could get abducted and then have the baby when they went back to the neighborhood.  I was bored so I bought telescopes.  Emily, Marla & Mitch did much stargazing.  They had the wants for logic points and I thought this was a good way to earn them. 

Marla got snatched.  The game says she's pregnant.  I thought that would be the end of it until she graduated.  My bad.

Marla began popping at night but didn't appear pregnant during the day.  I started thinking that she would just advance to the end of her pregnancy and then give birth when she got back to the neighborhood.  I DON'T have the hacks required for teen/YA babies.  Well I have them but they aren't installed.  I double checked just to be sure.

Because Marla went into labor.  Wasn't expecting that.

Marla Biggs gave birth to a daughter Xaylie Biggs.  Where did the name Xaylie (Zay-Lee) come from?  I have a friend who's great-neice is called Xaylie which is a shortened version of the name her moma stuck her with.

Mitch 'watches' the baby while Marla runs to take finals only minutes after giving birth.

Marla Biggs graduates with excellent grades (due to rolling the want to write a term paper each semester) and moves to Riverblossom Hills.  She is then reunited with her daughter Xaylie.  So alls well that ends well.  Of course things didn't happen the way the rumor said they would.  I find myself wondering if it would be different if it was a male who was abducted since I DO use a hack to allow female abduction pregnancies.  Humm.

Emily Lee finally left college and moved to Veronaville.

Max Flexor graduated and moved Downtown.  I have to say, that outfit really works for him.

Tom Freshe graduated and headed to Bluewater Village.  He earned a gold badge in flower making so all the graduates left with at least two snapdragons each.

And finally Mitch Indie graduated and moved to Belladonna Cove.  He has a bronze badge in pottery.  Unfortunately, the aliens didn't seem to want him.  Drats.

Oh well.  Another group of kids graduated.


  1. I love Emily-Lee new look. do you use the college hack? to make the time go faster or do you play it all through. and how do you teleport the baby back to the main hoods?

    1. I have a hack to speed up the semesters but I haven't been using it in this neighborhood. At least not lately. It took all day to play these kids through college. Of course I did it in between laundry and other cleaning. I used a hacked object to teleport the baby into Marla's lot and add it back to her family.

  2. Wow, that was an unusual college round! How did you come up with the idea for Tom Freshe's new look? I admire your perseverance - when I play a college household, I am always glad when one year is over and I can go back to a normal household.
    How come there is no spring?
    It is always a bit of a surprise whom our Sims fall in love with ar college, isn't it :-)

    1. I don't think I've ever played Tom Freshe before. To me he just looked like a townie. I wanted to make him look unique so that I'd care if his wants were completed or not. I was looking to change his hair and I wound up with the viking look. The beard seemed to go with it. I never bothered to change it. I kinda like it.

      I have been giving every university a different set of seasons. La Fiesta Tech has no winter. Sim U has no spring? I can't remember. No summer? Anyway, if you're going to bother playing three universities than I figured they should be different.

      The thing that annoys me about uni is that after they become best friends they go and fall in love. Can't you have best friends that you aren't in love with? But then I think about my friends in college and realize than several of them were the same way so I guess I can't complain.

  3. This is my favorite college in the game :) and yes, the makeovers look nice :)

  4. I always enjoy Uni when I get there. I've never seen a YA have a baby before in college though!