Sunday, June 7, 2015

1.30 The Dreamer Family of Pleasantview

Darren Dreamer - 15 days til elder - Knowledge - Media Magnet - Nature

Dirk Dreamer - 13 days til elder - Fortune - Prestidigitator - Tinkering

Mitch Indie:  It is SO great to get out of university and join the rest of the neighborhood.   Oooh look.  An alien.  Wonder if he's related to Xaylie?

Dirk:  I wish dad would stop talking up strangers and spend more time with me.  I feel like I barely know him sometimes.

Dirk:  This wasn't what I had in mind.

Darren:  What?

Dirk:  Nothing.

Darren:  Good.  We've got to get through all this homework.  I can't believe you let your studies fall so far behind.

Mitch Indie:  You know Emily, I think I love you.

Emily Lee:  Really?  Uh, that's nice.  I love you too.  But I kind of love Tom Freshe too.

Mitch:  So you'll break his heart, move in with me and together we'll build a large loving family.  He'll heal eventually.

Dirk:  The house is so quiet when the strangers go home.

Tiffany Sampson:  I know I'm young but I have TONS of assets.

Darren:  Yes, yes you do.  But I'm in love with Cassandra Goth.

Tiffany:  What's love got to do with it?  Got to do with it....

Dirk:  Let me hear you grunt boy.  Grunt.

Ripp Grunt:  Not funny Dream Boy.

Darren:  Ack!

Darren:  No.  Don't take me.

Darren:  help?

Darren:  OWWWWW!!!!!

Carlos Contender:  That was amazing to watch.  I've had women throw themselves at my feet before but I've never had anyone land so gracefully.  And while thrown from such a height.  Amazing.

Darren:  Well, thank you.  That's so nice of you to say.

Dirk:  Unbelievable.  He just got back from....somewhere....and he heads right back to the telescope.  I think the old man has finally lost it.  I'll have to keep an eye on him.

Darren:  Oh no.  We seem to have lime stains.

Monica Bratford:  It's like I'm not even standing here.  Right here.  Practically between the two of you.  Trying to have a conversation with an attractive older man.  

Max Flexor:  You got burned girl.  Burned.

Monica:  I'm so going to hurt you.  Mess up that pretty face of yours.

Erin:  Could you wait for me to move please?

Dirk:  I thought he said lime stains.  This is SO much more than lime stains.

Darren:  Darn it.  Does it never end?

Dirk:  Apparently not.  I just cleaned that and yet there you go and mess it up again.

Darren:  Sorr.... oh no. Never......ends......

Dirk:  Say it Cleveland.  Say it!

Justin:  I won't.

Dirk:  Say IT!

Justin:  I'm.....ugly.....and my mommy dresses me funny.  Now LET GO!

Dirk:  Dude.  That must have hurt.

Ophelia:  I swear it.  My auntie says they hate her because she can bend them to her will.

Dirk:  You're cute but weird.

Dirk:  Hey man.  Dad's inside cooking up something for you to eat before your meeting.

Trent:  Great.  I am STARVING.  

Darren:  I wonder if this will be enough.  One for Trent.  The rest for me?  No.  I'm going to need a desert. 

Darren:  It's true.  My life is starting to feel like a sci-fi movie.  But it is what it is.  At least I have this pregnancy group here to support me.  When you're a man having a baby, you need all the support you can get.

Trent:  Actually, the aliens have ears that look like cat ears more than dog ears.  Cute sort of.  Hey, are you going to eat that.  I swear I have been ravenous since I got implanted.

Allyn Sell Subject:  I know how my baby is getting out.  But how is yours?

Trent:  Well, honestly, I try not to think about that much.  It's easier that way.

Dirk:  Hit it Ophelia.  Let's have some fun tonight.

Darren:  Oh my.  Dirk.  DIRK!  Oh.  This HURTS!

Dirk:  Hey dad.  Did you want something?  Oh.  

D'Arna Dreamer

Darren:  Your sister is here.  Isn't she cute.

D'Arna Dreamer is the sister of Xaylie Biggs

House Pics:






For once I didn't change the footprint of this house.  I did move Dirk's bedroom upstairs to make a downstairs nursery.  Otherwise, not that much changed.  I just sold a lot of extra stuff to get the money to pay the bills.  Also, you'll see a lot of extra bushes and things.  Dirk rolled a lot of buy bushes and trees wants.

Career Happenings:


First, I really seem to be forgetting to take pictures lately.  Sorry.

Darren:  Is in love with Cassandra Goth.  He didn't throw any wishes for her.  He actually hasn't shown much interest in any woman.  Unless some woman throws wishes up for him, he will probably remain single.  Darren threw a lot of skilling wants.  They kept him busy.  

Dirk:  This is the first time I have ever played Dirk and he didn't even once roll up the want to go to college.  He didn't roll any romantic wants.  He rolled the want to sneak out with Ophelia and he did.  He skilled a lot.  He requested bushes and trees a lot.   It was an easy week.  Not overly exciting but easy.

D'Arna:  Unexpected but nice.  I've had more abductions lately than seems normal but I do tend to throw a lot of telescopes out there.  I played a little longer than I usually do so that D'Arna could be born.  Also Dirk was out sneaking so I was waiting on him.  Can't wait to see these green babies grow up.  I have recently changed out my multiple alien mod and I haven't had any new babies grow up yet.  Can't wait.  But I guess I'll have to.

Well I'm almost caught up.  Won't get caught up this weekend.  Maybe soon.


  1. I love the Dreamers, Dirk always want to go to college in my game. Love alien babies haven't had many yet but will try for some soon.

  2. Loved your idea about the pregnancy group!
    Did the ghost of Darren's wife/Dirk's mother ever appear? I think I can spot her tombstone in one corner of the garden.
    Nice to see the original house. It's been so long since I've played there myself. I've always had a bit of a soft spot for the Dreamers.

  3. I've never really been fond of the Dreamers until Lilith moved in with them but I guess that's how I am :)

  4. I love the Dreamer's! Darren got abducted in my Pleasantview Wishes and also had a daughter (Ripley) who is now partnered with Sophie Miguel (yep, that annoying teen). They are old lady witches now. :D