Thursday, December 25, 2014

1.3 The Smith Family of Strangetown

The Smith Family of Strangetown

Pollination Tech # 9 Smith aka Pol Smith - Family - 3 Kids Graduate College - Film & Literature

Jenny Smith - Family - Golden Anniversary - Arts & Crafts

Johnny Smith - Popularity - Celebrity Chef - Music & Dance

Jill Smith - Grow Up - Film & Literature

Back story:  Pol created two half alien daughters with Glarn Curious before retiring.  After retiring, Pol moved to be close to his children, fell in love with their half sister, married their half sister and had two more children Johnny & Jill.  Poor Johnny & Jill have two half sisters that are also their aunts.

Preset situation:  Johnny is hours from aging to adult.  Due to his father's lifetime want, Johnny leaves for college almost immediately with no scholarships.  He rolled a six and will be attending Academie Le Tour.  Since he was only on the lot about three hours, he will be played through university during round one.

The lowdown:  Jenny is about an hour from being to old to have more children.  So basically, Pol and Jenny have one chance to make another little baby without Jenny getting younger.  I love genetics and Pol has some crazy genetics.  So I saved the game and let the couple try to make a baby...a few times.  Yes, technically cheating, but I couldn't resist.  It would have been quicker and easier to adopt a child but this was so much more fun.

Pol:  I'm so glad you made it to the dorm safely Johnny.  Yes, it's a bit loud here right now.

Pol:  Complete strangers are fighting in the living room.  I hope they don't damage the new couch.  I haven't even gotten to take a nap on the thing yet.

Pol:  Now isn't this much better.  Everyone getting along.  Peace and harmony for all.  And to think, I only had to pull out my old laser pistol to achieve this.

Pol:  Hello little one.  I assume your cover remains intact.  Good.  So, what information have you gathered for me?  

Jenny:  I was sure I was to old to become a mother again.

Pol:  Perhaps if your mate was a human.  Luckily, you have me and I am so much more.

Monte:  We're inside the home of an ALIEN.  We should leave quickly before he impregnates us all.

Summerdream:  I heard he retired.

Girl in Orange:  I think I'm safe regardless.  If he tries to grab you I'll tackle him so you can get away.

Jill:  Daddy.  I got an A+.  

Pol:  Excellent.  And here I thought you might be lacking due to your weakened genetics.

Pol:  I shall try to obtain a mystic wishing well.  I'm not sure if this will work but what fun we could have if it does.

Vortex Smith, son of Pol & Jenny Smith

Jenny:  A son.  And he's green.  Pol will be so happy.

Pol:  Ah, my son.  You have my red hair.  My green skin.  My black eyes.  Unfortunately, you inherited your mothers rounded nose.  But alas, perfection is hard to achieve.

Jill Smith - Knowledge - Top Entertainment Field - Film & Literature

Jill:  I can't believe it.  You're a witch.  How cool is that?  You know, I think we will be best friends some day.

Evil Witch:  With your good cheer, that is VERY unlikely.

Jill: You know, this is harder than it looks.

Pol:  Ah, back so soon?  What gossip and juicy tidbits do you have for me this night?

Jenny:  Now, Pol will never be able to get me angry again.  Even when he suggests surgery to perfect little Vortex's nose.

Jenny:  Infuriating man.  Doesn't he understand that we need some form of  income?  Why can't he understand that I just need to get out of the house sometime?  And for the love of all, if you're going to paint the sand, why do you stop before you reach the street?

Jenny:  What the heck happened?  I'm old?  I just gave birth.  How can I be old?

Jill:  Happy Birthday baby brother.

Vortex Smith - Aquarius - 5-4-4-7-5

Jenny:  Ah my glowing baby boy.  You look so much like your father.  That doesn't mean you have to act like him.  Just remember that.

Blue Gardener:  Don't think that because we come from neighboring planets means that I will go easy on you.  Obtaining the mystic wishing well can not be made simple.  There is a science to it.

Blue Gardener:  One that you have not mastered.  Try again in another season or so.  Perhaps earn the funds to buy a statue or other ornamentation.  That would help.

Jenny:  Getting ready for the party tonight.  I can't believe it.  Our golden anniversary.  I'm so excited.

Jill:  I HAVE to go to college?  I don't have a choice?  How is that fair?  What about what I want?  Of course I do want to go to college but that's not the point.  He shouldn't have told me I had to.  What kind of dad does that?

Ophelia:  Oh Johnny.  I can't believe you left for college without me.

Johnny:  I didn't have a choice.  My dad said go, now.  So I went.  No one says no to my dad.  No one.

Jenny:  I can't believe you did that to yourself.  

Curious:  Well, Pol is retired and having a child by him would have just been weird.  So, I'm having my own child.  And someday, if I'm lucky, I'll find another star traveler who will give me an alien child too.

Jenny:  Oh my.  Remind me not to invite any pregnant brothers over to a party again.

Jill:  Vortex, we'll have you cleaned up in a jiffy.  Then you can go and get messed up all over again.  I won't tell dad.  Promise.

Vortex:  Why do I have to attend school?  Dad says it would be better if I was home schooled.  And dad is always right.  Right?

Jill:  Well I'm off.  Uni here I come.

Jill Smith - rolled 3 and will be attending Academie Le Tour

Weekly Want Ratio:
Not so good. If elders would stop wanting relatives engaged, it would help.

Jobs and Promotions:


Pol was a pain. He wanted relatives engaged.  He wanted best friends.  He wanted stuff that I can't easily do.  I would have had him date his wife but it just didn't seem to work out.  Jenny was fine after the pregnancy.  She was a bit delicate while pregnant.  Jill was great for the most part.  She and her mom wanted to fish daily so the family dug a small pond out back.  Vortex was an easy toddler.  He loved playing with his blocks.  

I've been second guessing letting Jenny have a third child instead of adopting a child.  Pol will need to live another three weeks? I think.  But he is a pure blood alien.  Maybe they're long lived.  I guess we'll see how it goes.

Johnny will move back and inherit the house from his parents after he graduates college.


  1. love the way you put your own spin on what you think the sims are saying. I try to do that with mine but it just doesn't come out the way i want it too. If you celebrate xmas hope you had a happy or merry one. Or just a wonderful day.

  2. It's always great to see the same Sims and houses I have in my game, and find out what other players did with them. I see you have changed some furniture but the layout of the house is unchanged, right?
    Pol and Jenny have been gone in my game so long, it was nice to see them again! Loved the idea of having the wolf being an undercover agent for Pol :-)