Sunday, December 21, 2014

1.1 The Burbs of Pleasantview

Please note:  This is a Wants style neighborhood played in rounds of seven days.  Try for Baby is only used if lifetime wants are in play.  Otherwise,  risky is the only means of procreation.  I'm starting by playing the established married couples in no real order.  Hopefully the neighborhood will be mixed up enough by time I get to the singles to make things interesting.

The Burb Family is:

John Burb - Family - Marry 6 Kids - Nature
 Hi.  I'm John.  I'm head of the household.  Well now I am.  I have finally taken the reigns.  I've moved the family back to Pleasantview where my wife's brother Daniel lives.  It's good to have family around.  It's good to have a clean, fresh start.  It's good that I no longer have to carry a weapon at all times and wait around for the news that some goon has finally iced my wife.

Jennifer Pleasant Burb - Fortune - Criminal Mastermind - Music & Dance
Yeah, hi.  I'm Jennifer.  I HATE my hair this color. I don't know why John likes it.  So, we've moved back to my old stomping grounds.  I left here for a reason.  Can't believe I'm back. I shouldn't have let John talk me into this but I had backed myself into a corner and this was the only way out.  For Lucy's sake I caved.  Regretting that now.  Ugh.  This city.  Nothing ever happens here.  Maybe I can change that.  Maybe...I can start over.  As long as John and the Witness Protection folks don't find out.  Maybe.
Lucy Burb - Grow Up - Film & Literature
Hi.  I'm Lucy.  My dad says I'm going to get a new brother or sister soon.  But don't tell mommy.  Daddy says it's has to be a surprise or it won't work.  I can't wait to be a big sister.

John:  After we eat breakfast, I need you to come out here and play by yourself for a while.  Just don't go to far.  Okay.

Lucy:  Yes daddy.  And you'll make me a baby sister.

John:  I'll try my best.  But it could be a baby brother.  Some things we just don't have control of.

Jennifer:  Do you want me to help you with your painting after breakfast Lucy?

Lucy:  No mommy.  I want to go outside and play.

Jennifer:  Are you sure?

John:  Jen, it will be good for her to get some fresh air.  At least they have that here in Pleasantview.

Jennifer:  Yes.  Plenty of that.  And nosy neighbors.  And family.  And...ugh.  (Why did I let you talk me into this?)

John:  Aw, baby.  Everything is going to be fine.  You'll see.  We'll all adjust to this slower pace.  Before you know it, this will be home and we'll all be really happy here.

Jennifer:  If you say so.  (I wonder which of the old families are still in town.  I bet I could scam those do gooder Goth's out of quite the pretty penny without even trying hard.)

John:  Jenny you're thinking to hard.  Let me take your mind off of things.  Just for a little while.

John:  Hello neighbors.  I swear the air sure is fresh here.  Nothing like the hussle and bussle of the big city.

John:  Hello.  Welcome.  The others are inside.  We're having a bit of an informal get together in the living room.

Brandi:  No Darren.  I don't want to talk about it.  My husband's death was an accident.  I don't care what the local busy bodies are saying.  And I don't need help with my kids.  There is nothing wrong with my kids.  My son may be acting out a bit but he's a boy.  They do that.

Darren:  He's becoming a thug.  A criminal.  I don't like him hanging around with my Dirk.  Dirk is going to college and making something of himself.  I won't have your son leading him astray.

Mortimer:  So, what kind of magic was it that allowed you to take over in Veronaville?  

Titania:  I'm sorry dear.  You're mortal brain just wouldn't understand.  And none of it really matters now that the mists have been cleared.  Most of the magic is lost to us.  Even our longevity has vanished.  Sad really.  I was on the verge of controlling the kingdom and putting those Capps in their place.  Underneath my booted heel.  Instead, I'm just as...mortal as the rest of you poor pathetic humans.

Mortimer:  Well, dear, I think you'd do well to embrace your mortality.  Otherwise you'll squander your life and die with regrets. 

Strange Afro Dude:  So, you're pregnant?

Brandi:  YES!  Pregnant with my dead husband's baby.  Now will YOU and everyone else in this town just MIND YOU'RE OWN BUSINESS!!!

Strange Afro Dude:  Sorry for asking.  I was going to offer myself as a husband and financial savior but now, I don't think I'm interested anymore.

Brandi:  P'ff.  I don't need another savior.  That's how I got into this mess in the first place.  So, how long do you think before he knocks her up?  John wanted a big family when we were in school.  I doubt that has changed.

Jennifer:  Oh no.  I can't possibly be.  How am I suppose to restart my criminal empire with a bun in the oven?

Good Witch:  Yes.  Magic still exists.  Not in it's purest form but it's out there.  You just have to know where to look and how to reach for it.

John:  Fascinating.  So, what could I do with this magic?  Improve my chances of getting my wife pregnant?  Chose the gender of my baby?  Keep my wife on a tight leash?

Good Witch:  Oh no.  Magic must be used for good only.  You could heal faster.  Stay awake longer.  There is so much knowledge to be learned that the extra hours are a true blessing.

John:  Right.  Well, I  best be off.  Can't leave the little lady alone for to long or she might get into trouble.

Jennifer:  It's so nice meeting new people.  Don't you agree?  So, tell me more about the crime in the streets.  Who's running the show do you think?  What kind of police presence is there?  Oh, just tell me everything.

Lucy:  Thanks for coming over cousin Angela.

Angela:  You're welcome squirt.

Lucy:  I'm going to be a big sister soon.  Wait, I wasn't suppose to tell.

Angela:  It's ok.  I won't say anything to Dad.  I hope you get a good sibling.  Sometimes siblings are just a pain in the..... well I hope you get the little brother or sister you want.

John:  Well, the money was right where she said it would be.  I hate what she did in the past but this money sure will help us get back on our feet.

Jennifer:  Hi Daniel.

Daniel:  Hey Jenny.  Nice of you to keep in touch all these years.

Jennifer:  Don't start Danny.  I'm here now.  Back in town for good.  That's all that matters.

Daniel:  Is it?  When we both know you would never have come back if you didn't absolutely have to?

Lucy:  Weeeee.  I can't wait until I'm big enough to swing my baby sister around.

Angela:  You'll be big before you know it.  Then you may wish you didn't have anyone around to pester you.

Jennifer:  No, I didn't know I was expecting when we moved in.  But John is thrilled of course.  He always wanted more kids.  

Daniel:  But you were to busy for that and you never really wanted kids anyway.

Jennifer:  That's not it.  Not exactly.

Daniel:  Please don't lie Jenny.  Neither of us ever really wanted kids.  If I hadn't knocked up Mary-Sue and you hadn't been knocked up by John, hell, neither of us probably would have ever married.

Jennifer:  And dad would have rolled over in his grave just at the thought of the Pleasant name being allowed to die out.  So when are YOU going to have that SON to carry on the Pleasant name like dad always said was absolutely necessary?

Daniel:  Never.  I pray daily that the Pleasant name will die with me.  I could die a happy man knowing the bastard didn't get what he wanted out of me.

John:  Things are working out great.  We have some extra cash for Jen to buy all those things she loves so much.  The new baby should help keep her out of trouble.  I get to start my own career in medicine.  Yeah, things are finally starting to go my way.

Random Stranger:  It's so sweet how your daughter is calling up everyone and telling them about the new baby.  You can really tell she's excited.

Jennifer:  Yeah.  Really cute.  (So glad someone is excited about this train wreck.  Note to self: get new birth control AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.)

Lucy:  Mom?  Dad?  Where is everyone.  I wanted to show you my A+.

John:  Yes.  It's under control.  I promised Jennifer wouldn't go back to a life of crime.  I am making sure she doesn't have time to get into any trouble.  She is pregnant as we speak.  And when this one is born I'll get her pregnant again.  I have a friend at the pharmacy.  He's agree to mess with her birth control for me.  Don't be that way.  You wanted her out of the way.  I got her out of the way.  You just keep your end of the deal.  No one messes with my family....and no one finds out the secrets that your family keeps.  

Jennifer:  I am so tired. Why do we keep inviting all these strangers into our house.  I just wish they'd all go away.

Lucy:  Where's mommy?

John:  She's laying down baby.  She's really tired.  

Lucy:  (I wish for mommy to not be so tired and for me to have lots of brothers and sisters.)

Lucy:  Wow.  I feel so grown up.

Lucy Burb - Family - Marry 6 Kids

Lucy:  Dad said if I finished my homework I could go downtown and buy a cell phone for my birthday present.  

Lucy:  It was right here where dad said it would be.  I can't believe it.  My family has buried treasure.  Wonder where it all came from?

Jennifer:  I really HATE this part.

Xavier Burb - Son of John and Jennifer Burb

Jennifer:  It's a boy.  A son.  John will be so proud.  (And hopefully leave me alone about the whole more kids thing.)

Capp:  Congrats.

Una:  I could paint the most beautiful picture of this moment.  Mother meets Son.  I can't wait to get started.

Jennifer:  Why don't you go home and get right on that.

Lucy: Oh no.  I almost burned the house down.

Fireman:  No worries.  I'll have this out in a jiffy.  It's what heroes like me do.

Jennifer:  Oh John.  Always trying to be so romantic.

John:  Trying?

Jennifer:  Yes.  Trying.  Well I did just get my new birth control.  I suppose it wouldn't hurt if we had a little alone time.  Lucy can watch Xavier.

John:  Alone time.  My favorite thing...ever.

Una:  So you really want to marry and have lots of babies?  What about a career?  Seeing the world?

Lucy:  No.  I want to find a nice man and have at least a half dozen kids.  Watch them grow up and get married.  That's all I need out of life.  

Curious:  You see, I took alien technology and used it to bridge the fertility gap.  Now all men can have children if they so wish.  It's an amazing breakthrough.

Jennifer:  So your baby is alien?

Curious:  Oh no.  Not this one.  I would LOVE to have an alien baby someday but this child is all test tubes and science.  I had to prove the theory.  And now I have.

Jennifer:  So, men can have babies?  John could have all those babies he wants?  Now that is a lovely idea.

Lucy:  You know, I think pregnancy is sexy on a man.

Curious:  Oh my.

Lucy:  No Angela, I don't want to marry some old dude.  But a girl has to practice her flirting.  Otherwise how will she be ready when the moment is right?

The Moment is Right

Lucy:  (I can't believe I did that.  I just gave it up to the first cute boy that walks by.  What does that make me?  A slut?  Oh goddess, I hope not.  I'll never land a husband if I get a reputation.)

Nina:  Why are you all picking on me?

Jennifer:  No.  It just can't be.  I used precaution.  LOTS of precaution.  This so isn't what I wanted out of life.

John:  Now I'm seeing things.  Glowing eyes on dogs?  I really have been up to long.  I better get some sleep before my shift starts.

Jennfier:  (More nosy neighbors stopping by.  Now teenage boys chasing my daughter.  I wonder if she wants to get caught?)

John:  Happy Birthday Xavier Burb.  

 Jennifer:  Babies are sweet at this age.  If only they didn't grow up to be such a handful.

Lucy:  Yes mom.  I wrote a book.  And they published it.  They might even make it into a movie someday.  

Jennifer:  Well, I hope you're getting a piece of the action.

Lucy:  Mom.  Of course I am.   I am your daughter after all.

Jennifer:  So, do you want a bottle or not?  You don't want to potty.  You don't want to eat.  What the heck do you want?

John:  Oh Jen.  You're beautiful when your carrying our child.

Jennifer:  Is that the only time?

John:  No sweet, you're beautiful always.  But right now you seem to glow.

Jennifer:  It's from Xavier.  He spit up that glowing formula all over me.

Lucy:  It terrible when you have to take care of your own parents.  I love my mom but she stinks when it comes to housework.  And dad, he's trying hard to do it all but failing.  I love them both but I wish they'd hire a maid.  I can't write and clean you know.

John:  I wonder if there are really aliens up there or if it's just a urban legend?  Men having babies.  What a wild and wicked idea.

Weekly Want Ratio:  The Goal is to have 5 wants completed per sim day.

Poor John didn't fair well.  That's what happens when you keep your wife knocked up and then fail to roll up doable wants.  Not bad but I'll be trying to improve on that score.  Five wants a day seems easy until you try to do it.

Jobs and Promotions:


I like this family.  Jennifer does bug me from time to time.  I will shoot for the six kids for him to marry off.  I can't believe Lucy rolled up the same thing.  Ugh.  As far as names go, in trying to keep from getting into the same naming schemes as usual, I am using a random number generator to choose the letter of the alphabet the name should start with.  Thus, Xavier.  Figures I'd get a hard one right off the bat.  At least it's keeping it interesting.

Due to lack of space, I have added a loft to this house.  It already had that two story section in the front.  I used the ladder stairs to make it accessible.  It's a tight squeeze but Lucy has taken to sleeping up there.  I finally downloaded a bunk bed which I'm going to try.  I hope to keep all the kids squeezed in the that tiny space.  If that doesn't work, I'll have to redo the house.  I didn't take any pictures.  Sorry.


  1. A very... interesting week, to say the least :-) What a difference to the way the Burbs behave in my hood! And nice for me to see dear Lucy still alive. She died way too early in my game (fire at her dorm when lightning struck).
    "Strange Afro Dude" made me laugh, as did the incident when John was seeing dogs with glowing eyes :-D

  2. wow wish i could write like that, makes a very interesting way of telling things. Please keep going as i would love to know eventually how things turn out with this family

  3. In my game I always make them have 3 more kids and one of is named after my mom(Jacqueline) ;)
    P.S This family is really cool :)