Sunday, December 21, 2014

1.2 The Ramirez Family of Bluewater Village

The Ramirez Family:

Checo Ramirez - Fortune - Business Tycoon - Arts & Crafts
Lisa Ramirez - Knowledge - Chef of Staff - Tinkering
Tessa Ramirez - Pleasure - Professional Party Guest - Music & Dance
For some reason, Tessa didn't have any wants.  Hard to do five wants a day when you don't have any.    Nothing I did seemed to fix it.  I was going to age her up and then age her back to a child.  So, I aged her up and then decided that I'd just leave her as a teen.  Her parents aren't at the beginning of their adult lives so it seemed to work for me.

Checo:  Can you believe how big our daughter is?  Such a young lady.  So soon.

Lisa:  What you should be saying is that Tessa doesn't need to be watched 24/7 anymore.  Now we can have a little time for ourselves.

Tessa:  So, I've never been on a date before.  But I want to.  Would you like to go out with me?

Older Man (I'm terrible with names):  Well, how can I say no.

Checo:  Just think, no more kids in the house.  We can finally start those careers we've always wanted.

Lisa:  I know.  I can't wait.  It will be great to have more time to pursue our dreams...and each other.

Delarosa:  Does her parents know what she's up to?  Do they not care?

 Lisa:  Oh Checo.  That was so lovely.

Checo:  No dearest, you are.

Tessa:  Are you sure this is right dad?

Checo:  Of course.  I'm not good at everything but math, in that I excel.

Tessa:  It's so BORING around here.  There isn't anything to do.

Risky hates me.
Lisa:  What's wrong with me?  Stomach flu?  Surely I'm not?  No, I couldn't be.

 Tessa:  I did it.  I pulled my grades up.  Can you believe it?  I can't.

Ramirez Fine Furniture

Checo:  This is it baby girl.  Our furniture store.  Since your mother has the flu, I thought that it was time for you to start learning the business.  It could be yours someday.

Tessa:  Great.  My inheritance is old furniture.

Checo:  Actually new furniture, sold at a profit.

Delarosa:  If you'd stop chasing MEN then perhaps you could learn to accomplish a thing or two.

Tessa:  You definitely want to buy furniture.  It doesn't mater that you don't own a home.  You want to get into the neighborhood, right?  Some woman is much more likely to let you move in if you can contribute in some way.  Furniture is an awesome way.

Pale Dude:  That makes so much sense.  I'll take the whole set.

Older Man:  But your dad...

Tessa:  No worries.  He's so busy with customers that he will never notice I'm gone.  And it's not like you ever take long.

Checo:  In a moment of weakness, I sold the family business.  Then I came to my senses.  Luckily, I was able to buy it back...before Lisa found out.

Lisa:  I'm so glad I'm feeling better.  I was almost convinced I was pregnant.

Lisa:  This is what happens when you kiss.  Oh, kissing seems so innocent.  But it leads to other things.  One thing leads to another.  Before you know it you're pregnant and you're whole world has changed.  Trust me Tessa.  Never take that first kiss.  Your life will be so much simpler that way.

Tessa:  Um, ok mom.  I'll remember that.

Tessa: I missed you.  We can still have all kinds of fun but we'll have to stay away from my mom and we'll have to be quiet.  My mom is kind of out of her mind right now and her learning about us would not be a good thing.

Tessa:  Actually, we don't currently sell desks but I bet my dad could order you one.  We do have some lovely tables that could act as a desk.  But I don't think we have anything in black.  Sorry.

Mohawk:  You are so hot.  Young and hot.  Did I say hot?

Tessa:  Ditto baby.  Let's dance.

Contessa:  I smell a young virgin male.  It's such a yummy vintage.

Monte:  Well she isn't talking about me so I'm all in.

Checo:  I'm going to be a father.  I just can't believe it.  At our ages.  I thought we were past that.  I thought...that I'd never have to change another dirty diaper ever again.

Checo:  Thanks for coming over after work.  Now lets discuss business.  I have some ideas that I think could make us both a lot of money.  I've got a new kid on the way so I need a lot of money.  The more the better.

Lisa:  Dang it.  I wanted an epidermal.

Quinto Ramirez - Son of Checo & Lisa Ramirez
Lisa:  A boy.  I've given Checo a son to carry on the family name and someday the family business.

Having so much fun can by tiring.

Lisa:  Oh Checo.  Such a romantic, even after all these years.

Checo:  A son.  I'm so proud.  Such a blessing.  Such a gift.  Oh my.  What is that smell?  

Lisa:  This is so nice.  Study night.  I'm sure to get that promotion now.

Tessa:  Happy Birthday baby brother.  I don't know how I let mom and dad talk me into this.

Quinto Ramirez - Cancer - 6-4-3-7-5

Bad chance card.
Lisa:  Those fools just don't understand my greatness.

Checo:  That's right.  I'm Quinto's daddy.  You are so smart little man.

Older Man:  This will look great in front of our home someday.

Checo:  Morning son.  Your up early.  And that's good.  The early bird gets the worm.

Checo:  I'm going to be so good they'll have to give me my promotion.

Mowhawk:  Why did you throw this party again?

Tessa:  This is my 'going away to college' party.  That's right.  I'll be on the La Fiesta Campus in the morning.

Mowhawk:  Oh my sweet Tessa, I will see you soon.

Older Man:  Ignoring.  Ignoring.  Going to kill that punk if his lips don't get off my Tessa.

Checo:  Good luck in college Tessa.  Don't forget to call you mom.  We love you  baby.

Tessa:  Right dad.  Love ya.  

Weekly Want Ratio:

Much Better

Jobs and Promotions:

House Photos:
Ground Floor

Second Floor

Third Floor: storage in the rafters
Tessa rolls a five and head to La Fiesta Tech
Well, I don't think I've played this family in forever.  I know I've never had Tessa make it to college.  So yeah for me.

Lisa and Checo became three bolters after Lisa gave birth.  I have no idea why.  The entire family rolled a lot of skilling wants.  When those ran dry or became to hard to do, everyone dated.  That led to some unexpected side effects, such as little Quinto.  I rolled a 17.  I can't believe I rolled X and then Q.  Anyway, this family was pretty easy to play after we sold and repurchased the business.  That left lots of money for buying little things for Checo.  Overall, loads of fun.  Except for the fact that ACR struck right before the end of the round.  I didn't have the setting set correctly.  Lisa tried for baby.  She only had a 17% chance of success but still she succeeded in ticking me off.  You know I won't remember by time I get back around.  Now I get to look forward to Lisa barfing in everyone's toilets for what will feel like forever.  Joy.


  1. the joys of ACR i am still getting how to use it and i had it quite a while now. another great update keep going.

  2. Interesting developments! I must say I am glad that I don't have any hacks in my game - I really would not want my teenage Sim-girls kiss eldery guys :-D
    Love the conversation with "Pale Dude"!