Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Season One - Summer - Curious-Smith

Curious-Smith Family of Strangetown
This family was originally placed in Belladonna Cove but were later moved back to Strangetown before their lot was played.  I think the above shot was taken in Belladonna Cove.

The Curious-Smith sisters purchased this small starter home in Strangetown.  It is just down the hill from their brothers, the Curious brothers, and just across the street from their father, P. Smith.

There is really not much to this house.  Small and empty but leaving plenty of money for other things.

Lola Curious-Smith, Fortune, LTW 6 pets Top Careers 

Chloe Curious-Smith, Romance, woohoo 20 sims
These are the sisters post makeover.  I am playing a neighborhood where the relationships are corrected, the creators words not mine.  This is why these are not the Single sisters and why they show related to the Curious brothers when they normally don't.  

With Chloe's lifetime want, I thought it advantageous to set up a place to stage her seductions.  Since Lola is a fortune sim, she actually purchased the spa for Chloe's use.  Working the business with be a family affair.

We headed downtown to get some things done.  Lola bought a new summer sundress.  Cellphones where purchased.  Then they were off to purchase some pets.  I am not a pet fan.  Sorry.  So I don't deal with them often.  That may be why I botched the purchase of my cats.  I had wanted two cats, one male and one female.  I wound up with three because I forgot to check the second cats sex.  At least I remembered to make them all adults.  So we have three cats, Penny, Dollar and Nickle.  Penny is the only cat I took a picture of.  Nickle is the lone male.

We took the cats to the spa thinking that I could use the community lot time stoppage to my advantage and train up the cats.  Well that didn't work.  Apparently you can't train the cats on you business lot.  Or at least I couldn't get the option to come up.  So back home we came.  The professionals were called in.  Let the pet training begin.

The welcome wagon appeared.  This time we got Checo Ramirez, Olive Specter & Mortimer Goth.

Lola and Checo have three bolts.  Of course he's married.  That didn't stop Lola from getting her first ever kiss.  

Chloe gets a call from The Contender to head downtown for a casual outing.

Since we own a business, Chloe just took everyone there.  Of course most everyone balked at having to pay for a casual outing so they left.  Only Carlos Contender stayed.

Carlos gave Chloe her first kiss.  They had a fabulous time.  After Carlos left, Chloe started working on her lifetime want.

And that's when this happened.  So who is Ocean you ask?

This is Ocean, aka baby daddy.  Have I ever mentioned that I have a thing about kids having parents that don't age?  Yeah.  Unexpected complications.

Back home, Lola gets set up on a date with a three bolt match, Jonathan Turner.  He's a vacation townie.  After a dream date, Lola sent him on his way.

We've got enough going on right now.

The next day, Chloe called up Ocean to tell him the news.  He actually took it well...or just didn't listen.

Ocean Pederson, NPC Tinkering Hobby Master - Romance, 20 woohoos
Ocean moves in to help raise his child.

Lola gets set up yet again, this time with mail carrier Remington Akagi.  He is another three bolt love interest.

With the family expanding, the house must expand too.

There is a deck on two sides which is a perfect place for the cats to live.  Here is Nickle learning a new skill.

The bottom floor expanded a bit.  The old bedroom will now be the nursery.

And upstairs is a work in progress.  Two master bedrooms, one kids bedroom and two baths.

More training.  I think this is Dollar.  I may have Dollar and Nickle confused.

Well darn.  She really is pregnant.

Lola's dream date Ocean leaves a little gift.

Ocean get an offer he can't refuse. He had originally taken a job in architecture.  He didn't want to lay bricks anyway.

Ocean is helping with the family business while working on his lifetime want.

Other playables are getting to know each other.

Although I haven't shown it, the spa has been played several times by several sims.  I don't want you to think that this just happened overnight.  It didn't.  Of course a spa used as a romancing venue really is easy to gain rank.

I hope the health inspector doesn't get wind of this.

Ocean gets caught cheating and gains a stalker.  Just what I always wanted.

Ocean was actually with 10 people, twice each, one public and one private.  Just felt like riding the games loophole so I'd have at least one in the family I don't have to worry about.

Chloe takes a new job opportunity.

Lola turns her opportunity down.  It would be a demotion at this point.

Ocean calls for another date.

He is obviously smitten.

Son of a hockey player.

Lola becomes engaged to her baby daddy.

He wants commitment so we lock that in tight.

Upon return home, a sure sign that our stalker has visited.

The sight sent Lola running.

Lola calls Remington over to share the news.

Remington Akagi - NPC Mail Carrier - Fortune - LTW Chief of Staff

Remington and Lola forgo a big wedding.  They instead have a more cozy private wedding...out on the curb.  Introducing Remington & Lola Akagi.

Lola starts to show.

Chloe's time is up.  Baby time.

It's a boy.  Meet Lake Curious-Smith.

Ocean holding little Lake.

Lola gets the urge to work out.

And we end with Ocean scanning the nursery for his son's safety.

Man, what a ride.

I played this lot over several real world days.  I never planned to marry off either of these two unless they found a playable three bolt match.  So much for that.  I should learn not to make plans.

It seems wrong for Lola to be with anyone but Ajay Loner.  I think they always got together when I played Strangetown.

BTW, did you notice that Ocean and Remington are clones?  Freaky.


  1. What a ride, indeed! :-D
    I like what you've done with the house. Did I see that right - they have a photo booth on the back porch?

  2. My romancers tend of have photo booths in their homes. You can fulfill the want for a public woohoo without having to leave the lot that way.

  3. Wow that was quite a set of circumstances. Fun family, but it's going to grow quickly it seems.