Saturday, February 1, 2014

Season One - Summer - Cordial

The Cordial Family of Belladonna Cove

The Cordial family live in this two story home.

The back yard.

The first floor from the front of the house.

The second floor from the front of the house.  Notice there is not one bedroom where a double bed would fit.  This just won't do.

This is the new roof line.  Not as pretty but all that wasted space is now inside the house and usable.

This is the ground floor from the back of the house.  I rearranged the kitchen.  Sold the TV (for now) and ditched the doorway hidden in a bookcase.  The first floor will need tweaking but this will get us started.

And here is the new and improved second floor.  Two nice large bedrooms.  Two extra rooms large enough to be bedrooms.  Two new small bathrooms.  Much better.

I'd like to mention that during the renovation I realized that this is the Pleasant Family home in Pleasantview.  They changed a few things but it's the same basic house.  I have redone that house so many times that I couldn't help but notice.  Same house.  Same problems.  And yeah, I get to do this again when I get to the Pleasants.  

Kimberly Cordial - Knowledge - LTW become Mayor - currently an Elite Force in the military

Samantha Cordial - Knowledge - LTW 20 best friends - currently working in the medicine field as a nurse

The Cordial twins are actually similar to the Pleasant twins.  They are made to be polar opposites.  Kimberly is the bad twin and has an established relationship with the evil witch.  Samantha is the good twin with an established relationship with the good witch.  Also...

Kimberly's highest attractions.
Samantha's highest attraction.
they seem to like the same guy.  The only difference is that the Cordial sisters are friends.  At least for now.

Kimberly and Samantha rarely agree but today they both agreed for the need to head out and buy a cell phone.  They chose to go to the park in Strangetown.  That would give them a good chance to meet new people.

Strangely enough, Kimberly ran into someone from just down the block.  She became another of The Contender's conquests.

Meanwhile, Samantha was meeting new people.  She got an offer for a blind date.  She is in love with Armand DeBateau but they didn't have any commitment and he isn't here.  She said yes.

That is how she met Brandon Louie, exterminator extraordinaire.  

Kimberly was jealous.  She called up her old friend Maddie Lum.  She had a strong desire to become a witch and Maddie was just the person to teach her.

And teach her she did.  Kimberly is now a witch with dark inclinations.

Samantha didn't even notice what her sister was up to.  She was to busy falling in love...again.

Obviously I have been reading to many Want blogs lately.  Samantha longs for a commitment.  Brandon says yes.  Poor Armand.  The alphabet rotation didn't work out well for you.

Well who am I to stop someone from marrying a complete stranger after just one date?

Our new family have a quick meal before heading home.  

Brandon Louie Cordial - Knowledge - LTW Mad Scientist - took a job in education as a teachers aide

We arrive home where Kimberly greets the welcome wagon.  P. Smith was greeted while walking by.  The welcome wagon included Stephen Tinker, Wanda Tinker and Patricia Wan.

Kimberly could care less who has stopped by.  She only wants to see one man, Carlos Contender.  She calls him up and asks him over.

They both just had one thing on their mind.

Although she was married today, Samantha invites her friend over.   Brandon is on his own for a while.

Samantha becomes a good witch.  She hopes to bring goodness into the world to counteract any negativity her sister might stir up.

The night ends and everyone heads home.  While my eyes were elsewhere, Brandon made sure that his wedding was finally consummated.  I must have been crazy to think that I wouldn't get my newly married couple with child immediately.  Absolutely crazy.

NO!  Son of a basketball player.  This is NOT how I thought this lot would go.  I figured they would become witches and then perhaps fight over Armand.  Silly me.

Brandon finds on opening in his dream career of Science.

When Kimberly came home from work today, she felt outs of sorts.  She headed to the magical world to visit with her friend.  Unfortunately, Maddie wasn't around, so she spent the day studying her new craft. 

She must have been at it for longer than she had thought because soon she was a master of the dark arts. 

She made several objects, potions and ingredients before heading home.  She still felt out of sorts but at least now she felt like she'd accomplished something.

When Kimberly got home, she remade her space.  Now she felt at home.

Samantha arrived home and greeted a few people walking by.  No Angela, you don't live here.  You're welcome to stay a while though.

Samantha went upstairs to speak with her sister.  She was shocked by what she saw.  She sat for a bit but that made her fill even worse.

She fled to the magical world.  A world full of beauty and light.  She spent quite a bit of time studying magic.  She learned many things.  Good, wholesome things.

Brandon arrived home from work with a promotion.  He took one look at his new bride and realized that something was amiss.  You have no idea Brandon.  None.

Kimberly finally realizes why she's been feeling so odd lately.

She called Carlos and invited him over.  She shared the news and they celebrated their achievement.

Later that night, Samantha realizes that she is pregnant too.  

Samantha decides to start a healthy family garden.  More wholesome goodness.

Kimberly finds a job in Politics.  As an unmarried pregnant evil witch, she is perfectly suited for politics.

Kimberly heads to work while still pregnant, and in her underwear no less, and manages to get a promotion.

After her first day of work, she goes into labor.

And gives birth to a healthy baby boy.  Meet Carlos Blaze Cordial.  Blaze for short.

Brandon brings home a coworker who looks like a grown up Meadow Thayer.  Her name is Naenae Go.  

You've got to be kidding me.  Really?  REALLY?

Brandon takes a turn in the  energizer then suffers a heatstroke.  Luckily it began to rain soon after which revived him.

All this excitement causes Samantha to go into labor.

She gives birth to a son in the garden.  Meet Rincewind Cordial.  We shall call him Wind.

Almost immediately after Wind's birth, Kimberly returned from her unexpected trip.

The family comes out to welcome her home.

Kimberly is of course thrilled by her trip.  Me, not so much.

The next day, Kimberly earned another promotion.

Samantha tries to get into the garden club.

She earns some cash, membership and a wishing well.

She puts the wishing well to good use making three new friends.

And thus, Summer ends.  

I am worn out.

For the record, none of these pregnancies were planned.  I went for the wishing well because Samantha is having such a hard time making new friends.  It could be her 3 outgoing points and the fact that she's a knowledge sim.  

Well thanks for reading one insane season at the Cordial house.


  1. There are several paralles between Pleasantview and the other 'hoods; just like the Pleasants are "repeated" (sort of) in the Cordial sisters and their house, the Goths have a "mirror family" in the Roths. I love this kind of thing!

    This time at the Cordials' was certainly the opposite of boring! And you have plenty of room so that each child can have their own nursery.

    Congratulations for getting into the Garden Club - I have been trying to get a wishing well in my 'hood for a while, but no success so far.

  2. I have found that the most important thing for the garden club is a nice plot. It doesn't have to be that large. 4x4 works well. Just make sure the plants are in pretty good shape. Then right before you call the garden club you want to get orchard trees. If you don't have a gold badge in the house I wouldn't get them earlier because they won't be in good shape when they review the lot. I just plopped a few in the corner after I made the phone call. Then I use whatever money the family has to buy fountains, sculptures, bushes & flowers. Things to get my score up not to actually keep. After the garden club leaves I start selling things. The key is to get enough of the things they score you on.

  3. WOW, that was a crazy house. I didn't do much with their house yet, but Samantha moved out before I even got their house in my play through. She moved in right away with Connor Weir (who I played early in the round.) So Kimberly has the big house all to far.