Sunday, February 2, 2014

Season One - Summer - Curious

Curious Family of Strangetown

Welcome to the Curious observation station.  Sorry about the night shot.  I wasn't thinking.  Now this home is a beautiful example of creative building.  I praise the builder.  I will be taking this apart.  Do you know how much cash there in this design?  Those columns are almost $200 each.

This is the inside of the house, first from the front and then from the back.  You can see all the odd angles used.  Creative but impractical.

Here is our new two story design.  Cleaner lines but still keeping in the established industrial theme.

This is the new ground floor from the back of the property.  I took out all the craziness.  I have added a two part communal bathroom.  One with toilets and sinks.  One with showers and mirrors.  The kitchen was rearranged.  Keeping with the communal theme we have a eating area and a study area.  A huge nursery finishes things off.

Upstairs we have a single room.  Nothing but single beds here.  I like it.

Now it's time to meet the family.  All shots are post makeovers.

Pacal Curious - Knowledge - Media Magnet - 19 days til elder

Vidcund Curious - Knowledge - Criminal Mastermind - 23 days til elder

Lazlo Curious - Knowledge - Hand of Poseidon - 28 days til elder

As we enter the lot, we find that Pacal is pregnant. According to his memories, this is an alien pregnancy.

Pascal gives birth to a baby girl.  Meet Zoie Curious.

Although Zoie should have been an alien, I use a hack that allows for 4 alien technicians instead of one.  It does have one traditional technician & three alternative technicians.  But since this is a staged pregnancy, the hack causes the loss of the second parent.  Basically Zoie is a clone of Pascal.

Later that day, the welcome wagon arrives.  This time we get the Strangetown teens; Ophelia Nigmos, Tank Grunt and Ripp Grunt.

Lazlo starts a family garden...which really isn't going so well.

Vidcund finds his dream job.  Lazlo also finds his dream career in Oceanography.

The family is spending much of their time learning.  

With Pascal at work, Lazlo takes Zoie to her birthday cake.

Zoie Curious - Capricorn - 10-5-5-10-5

Uncle Lazlo taught Zoie how to talk.  Her daddy potty trained her and taught her to walk.  Uncle Vidcund taught her a nursery rhyme.

Vidcund continues to stargaze having never lost his desire to meet aliens.  Sometimes Pascal joins him.  Lazlo could care less.

Pascal gets into his dream field.

Aww.  Father daughter moments.

The eating area was redone.  Island counters against a half wall is a bad idea.  This works better.

The family garden isn't getting any better.  We probably won't bother to call the garden club.  At least he's learning something.

You can always tell when dawn approaches.  That's when the boys get into bed.

Vidcund welcomes his sister Jenny Smith.

Zoie reaches childhood despite her unique living environment.

And just when you think the season is going to be completely boring, Vidcund finds his aliens.

The family stays up and waits for Vidcund's return.  We've strayed into Fall but it couldn't be helped.

For the record, I didn't give any of the boys the 'Summon Alien' lifetime reward.  Vidcund did however use "Look for Alien" which he earned through hard work and dedication.


  1. You did well on giving the original house a make-over! It really was quite impractical.
    Who are the many single beds for? Are there any move-ins planned?
    It will be interesting to see a little cousin for Zoie (what an unusual name! I know Zoe but have never come across Zoie - but then again, of course she comes from an unusual family.).
    Nice to put her crib out in the fresh air while her uncle is gardening.

  2. No real plans for all the beds. I just decided to fill up that wall. Eventually someone will use them I guess.

    No one in the family really rolled up any romantic wants but the youngest brother has stumbled into a three bolt attraction with a woman who is playable and single. We may see him actually move out at some point. Maybe. We'll have to see what she's thinking when we get to her lot.

  3. I like the make over of the house, very industrially practical. I usually TRY and play a house for a little bit before changing it, but that house is one that usually ends up getting changed early on for me too.