Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Season One - Summer - Cooke

The Cooke Family of Desiderata
Julian Cooke - Popularity - 20 best friends - working in the Culinary field
The Cooke Family is a family of one.  

Julian lives in this single story starter house.

The house came with a few things.

 I didn't change any walls.  I just bought and sold furniture.  This is where things ended up by the end of the season.

After settling in, Julian heads downtown to buy a cell phone.  He plays a few games of chess and meets a few people.  At the start of the season he had three friends.  He needs many more.

Julian arrived home in time to greet the welcome wagon.  We have  Lisa Ramirez, John Mole and Natasha Una. 

Julian couldn't stay long because he had to work.  Luckily he earned a promotion.

When he returned home from work, he got a call to head downtown.  He had nothing better to do so off he went.

It was a casual get together.  After meeting several people, Julian headed on home.

It was good to be home.  But home is very quiet.  To quiet.  So Julian thought he'd throw a party.  

Julian called over a few friends and a few potential friends.

Things hadn't even gotten started good when the cops showed up.  Strangely enough she got out of her car and looked around, she got right back in her car and drove away. 

The party carried on.  Julian cemented his relationship with Justin Benson.  They started with just a kiss at the Bell house.  Now they are best friends and lovers.

Julian's life has a lot of alone time.  No mater what he's doing, he always thinking about all the best friends he wants.

Another promotion.

Before or after work every day, Julian would throw another party.  One day he even had a party before AND after work.  He's a wild man our Julian.

All the socializing has really paid off.

Justin has been invited to every party.  They always find a moment to themselves after all the other guest had been socialized.

Julian earns enough for a secondary aspiration.  So far it hasn't kicked in.

By the end of the season, Julian had made 19 friends.  He's getting there.

Of course eventually the cops came back and really broke up the party.  

But that's ok.  Julian doesn't mind being alone.  

Julian hasn't rolled up any romantic wants other than a wish to woohoo in the bed early on.  He wants to make friends.  He wants best friends.  He wants parties.

He has two best friends so far.


  1. Thank you for showing us the "before" and "after" of the houses! I used that house for Phineas Furley and Allegra Gorey after college, and like you, I did not change any walls, just made it nicer inside.
    In my game, Julien was happily married to Patricia Wan and had a half-Alien son, Cedric. He died only a few weeks (real time) ago of old age, and had been on Permanent Platinum for a long time.
    Don't you just love it when your Sims throw parties, to watch what the guests do, how they interact etc.?

  2. Seems like Julian is doing well. He made quite a few friends with all those parties, so he's on his way.