Saturday, November 2, 2013

Season One - Summer - Capp 3

I couldn't find an intro pic for this one but this is the Capp Family of Veronaville.

Regan Capp - Fortune - LTW Hall of Famer - unemployed

Cornwall Capp - Fortune - LTW Hall of Famer - unemployed

Kent Capp - Knowledge - LTW City Planner - unemployed

So Regan and Kent are the children of Consort Capp.  Cornwall is Regan's husband.

At first I was going to put these guys into another small house.  Then I changed my mind.  I went with a slightly larger house and used the mortgage shrubs so that they could afford it.  I just couldn't take another tiny tiny house full of people.

I didn't do anything structural to the home. I just added furniture.  This is the ground floor.

And this is the second floor.  Eventually I got enough money for even more furniture.  Eventually.

I also almost moved Kent into his own home.  Almost. But I thought three working adults would get the debt paid off faster.

Then I thought, what about three digging adults?  So the family when downtown where they bought cell phones and started digging for treasure.  Not that they didn't do other things to.  Socializing is important.

Sights and sounds of the downtown night.

Things started going well.  Once someone dug up a chest, I let them stop and do their own thing.

For Kent, that meant a first kiss with Titania Summerdream.  

Once I cut Regan loose, she got into trouble.  

Bad Cornwall.  Bad.

And poor Kent became yet another lightning rod.

Back home, the welcome wagon makes an appearance.  

Then the general jogs by.  

Let the fun begin.

Kent got a job quickly in architecture.  It took Regan and Cornwall a little longer but they too found their dream jobs.

Kent discusses the other members of the Rod Club with his pregnant sister.

Two strays stop by one night.

Kent made a point to get to know one of them.

Regan was starving and making some lunch when she went into labor.

You have got to be kidding me.

First born was a son, Dane Capp.

Ummm.  Things are really cooking now.

Then there was a daughter, Selma Capp.

Oh no.  Flames. FLAMES!

And someone (yes me) forgot to buy a fire alarm.  Luckily Regan was a wiz with the fire extinguisher.  She saved the day.

Aww.  Burnt.  Drats.

The family tree.  Ignore the name Dean.  I wanted to name the boy Cornwall's maiden name and I messed that up.  I changed the name to Dane when he became a toddler.

More furniture to buy.  Cornwall has a real thing for ceiling fans.  Driving me nuts.

Cornwell and Dane.  A father son moment.

But uncle Kent finally lost it.  They had been semi getting along until the birth.  Then the relationship exploded.  Why didn't I move him out again?  Oh yeah, 60+ families.  They'll just have to suck it up for now.

Regan gives Selma a bottle.  How sweet.

The next day it was birthday time.  Right after Selma gets a bath IN her dirty diaper.  The help in this town is frightening.

Dane Capp - Pisces - 8 neat, 4 outgoing,  7 active,  3 playful,  9 nice

Selma Capp - Taurus - 8 neat, 4 outgoing,  6 active,  10 playful,  5 nice

And that's all the fun for this season.  Next season, twin toddler training.  Yeah.


  1. I believe this couple had twins in my game as well. Sheesh..I need to get out the TS2 disc and play....haha....

  2. Isn't it funny how we all (or, most of us, I guess) react when we get the message that there are TWO babies on the way? A mixture of groaning "oh no" and feeling somewhat excited :-)
    I love playing large families, and even more so if they don't have much money.

  3. Oh boy, more twins! You are having quite an explosion of babies from Risky. I don't think I have ever played this Capp family, now that I think of it. It will be fun to play them.