Saturday, November 2, 2013

Season One - Summer - Capp 2

The Capp Family of Veronaville

Albany Capp - Family - LTW Education Minister - unemployed

Goneril Capp - Fortune - LTW Earn 100k - unemployed

Ariel Capp - toddler

Miranda Capp - Romance - LTW 20 loves - unemployed teen

Hal Capp - child

Desdemona Capp - child

This large family moved into this small house.  We immediately sold all the bushes and trees because we be broke.

Eventually I would build a porch onto the front of the house.  We were having a traffic jam the way that it was.

There isn't much space on the ground floor.

And the top floor isn't any better.  It quickly became apparent that the family needs a second bathroom.  But with no money and no space it just didn't happen.

Miranda took the families last couple of bucks and headed to Strangetown.  She bought a cell phone.  She then dug up some cash for the family.  They need all they can get.  Also, Goneril hopes to open a family business.  It will take lots of cash for that.

Speaking of Goneril, she got a makeover.  Albany has a thing for red heads so she got a dye job.  The hair and makeup aren't average but they work for her.

Yes, Albany really likes red heads.  He also likes kids.  He started with a want for a baby and it stayed for days.  Eventually it went away.  Also, risky didn't give them one.  So it's just the six of them in their tiny little house.

Ariel started out her training without the use of smart milk.  But by day two the family had managed to come by some of the wonderful stuff and had a family member who could use it.

All the other kids spent day one watching the yummy channel.  Cuisine is Goneril's natural hobby and will be very important for this family.

The kids all learned to study.  As you can see there is always a crowd here.

We great everyone that walks by.  Sometimes there are interesting results.  Gabe (?) came home from work with Albany who is now working in Education.  Ms Cho was a walk by.  I think their flirtation was just a passing fancy.

Everyday after school Miranda has been heading downtown to dig.  Why wreck my lot when I can wreck yours.

The only problem with that is that Miranda hasn't had any obtainable wants.  When asking someone out on a date rolled up, we took it.  She called up Mercutio Monty.  He agreed to meet her there.

Maranda got her first kiss.

It was a dream date and the start of a trend.  The two went out three or four times.  They are now both in love with each other.

Grandpa Consort was seen getting a little frisky with an anonymous female.

Little Arial is not so little anymore.  She grew into a real beauty.

Hal became a knowledge loving teen.  His LTW is to max 7 skills.  YES!

With two teens for free labor and enough money saved up, Goneril purchased the family business.  It's a Bakery.  

Building a bakery isn't all fun.  You bake and bake and bake.

Then you sell what you cooked.  Close up shop.  Repeat.

It took some time but slowly things begin to grow.  Money began to flow.

Now the family has the greatest bakery in the Megahood.

The family isn't going to sell this one.  Instead, Goneril bought her dad's old music store.  Hey, if it worked once.  But that's a project for another season.

Back home, Hal gets his first kiss from a school mate.

Desdemona becomes a romancing teen.  Her LTW is to be a Rock God.

Miranda kept rolling up the want to attend university so off she went.  

Goneril, Miranda & Hal all earned at least two gold badges.

Albany earned several promotion in the education field.  Goneril is still unemployed.  She stayed home with the kids.


  1. This family is always so hard because they are so big and so broke. Nice job!

  2. I think I moved them into the exact same house in my game!
    Desdemona looks a real stunner in your game with the custom hairstyle and face.

  3. Well, Desdemona is a very pretty blond, so I guess romance will be "easy" on her. lol Nice job with a tough family.