Saturday, November 2, 2013

Season One - Summer - Cho

The Cho Family of Belladonna Cove

The Cho family lives in a ground floor apartment.  The first thing we did was to lose the hide-a-way bed and put in a nursery.

Vivian Cho - Family - LTW Captain Hero - working in medicine

Etsu Cho - Gemini - 5 neat, 8 outgoing,  6 active,  3 playful,  3 nice

Vivian is a widower.  Etsu is her only child.  Vivian quickly set to work teaching Etsu the things she'll need to know before she grows older.

Suddenly we here the sound of romance in the air.

One of our neighbors is after our man.  How do I know he's ours?  It's a three bolt match.  Meant to HAND OFF!

Vivian gets Etsu settled and heads out.  She distracts Timothy from that 'other' woman.  Timothy Riley is the second floor neighbor.  He is also a widower and has a little girl.

Later that night, Vivian finds her dream job.

Now she needs to work on some skills.

After working herself for exhaustion, Vivian collapses into bed.  Timothy stops by to laugh at her choice of art.

The next day Vivian and Timothy hook up again.  They have a long discussion about marriage.  Specifically, theirs.

Vivian proposed officially.  Timothy said yes.  He moves into the apartment with his daughter.

The two celebrate and then quietly marry.  It's a little backwards but it worked for them.  Vivian and Timothy join their names and are now the Riley-Cho Family (cause I didn't like the sound of Cho-Riley).

Timothy Riley-Cho - Knowledge - LTW Chief of Staff

Sally Riley - child

We removed the nursery and rearranged a few things.

Vivian asks the super to fix the computer.  Timothy wants to look for a job (or new job, I can't remember).

Vivian is working her way up the police enforcement career path.

But suddenly theirs a bump in the road.

Etsu Cho becomes a child.

Etsu begins to become friends with her stepdad.

Time for the kids to learn how to study.

Then it's time to learn even more.  The kids seem really into creativity so we bought a piano and an easel. 

Timothy finds the right career path.

And Vivian has another baby bump.

The family may be growing too large for this apartment.  I think I am going to move them to a home or a larger apartment before next round.


  1. Never played these guys.....interesting to see!!!

  2. I love the Rileys! (That is probably partly because I have the same surname, he he)
    I am looking forward to see where you'll move the growing family.

  3. YAY, the Cho's and Rileys together. They got together in my hood too, and then had twins right before the end of the round. I'm moving them into a house for next round, because 4 kids is too many of that little apartment. :)