Sunday, July 5, 2015

1.33 The Monty Family of Veronaville

Antonio Monty - 18 days til elder - Knowledge - Mad Scientist - Science

Benedick Monty - 4 days til teen - nature

Beatrice Monty - 4 days til teen - arts & crafts

Antonio:  It was really thoughtful of dad to leave us all an inheritance.

Isabella:  I know it isn't much son but I hope it will help.  I know how hard it must be to raise the little ones on your own.  Nanny's can't be cheap.

Antonio:  No.  At least not the good ones.

Beatrice:  So, do we get money when you die too?

Isabella:  Perhaps.  If you mind your manners and don't bring shame to the Monty name.

Benedick:  Well you're out of luck sis.

Cleo Shikibu: So, did you inherit money also?

Mercutio Monty:  Technically I'm inheriting the family farm...or what's left of it.

Lola Curious:  If he minds his manners and doesn't bring shame on the Monty name.

Beatrice:  I hope I can be your best friend too.

Benedick:  Cause she wants your money when you die.

Beatrice:  Stupid twin brothers.  

Antonio:  Science is so amazing.

Beatrice:  If you stop playing with her I'll give you ice cream.

Brian Delarosa:  Okay.

Beatrice & Brian:  Friends forever.

Benedick:  Put a sock in it will ya.

Antonio:  It's so good so see the kids making friends.

Beatrice:  Your brother Brian is my friend.

Adam Delarosa:  Um, it's your turn.

Beatrice:  But you can be my friend too.

Adam:  Are we playing chess or what?

Antonio:  I always loved school.  Learning new things if fun.

Beatrice:  I don't like it.  Can't I go play?

Antonio:  Only when you finish your homework.

Pink shirt:  An educated man is so sexy.

Benedick:  Why can't you just tell me the answers?

Beatrice:  Cause then you wouldn't learn anything.  Right dad?

Antonio:  That's right.  And learning new things is very important.

Kaylynn Langnerak:  Yes, I'm a nanny.  I mean maid.  Or I was.  Now I'm...a mother.  I have a baby boy.  And actually, I'd like to have a few more.  Babies that is.  If only I could find a good man who wants to be a good father.  You seem to be an excellent father.

Antonio:  Right. ride is here and I am not at all ready.  I've got to be going.  But nice to meet you.  Yeah, so bye.

Benedick Monty - Romance - Rock God
Benedick:  Hell yeah.  I rock.

Beatrice Monty - Pleasure - Professional Party Guest
Beatrice:  There is no way I'm working as hard my dad for the rest of my life.  There has to be an easier way to make a buck.

Benedick:  Ewww Tina Traveller, you are HOT!

Tina:  Ah, thanks.

Tina:  That was nice.

Benedick:  Don't worry, I can do even better...with practice.

Benedick:  Well I am going to be rich and famous.  They'll write books about me.

Beatrice:  So you aren't going to just ruin the family name.  Your also going to have that ruinage immortalized.

Benedick:  Is ruinage even a word?  And yes, yes I am.

Antonio:  Electricity <zap>  is tricky <zap> to work with.

Beatrice:  Tina, you are looking very fine today.

Tina:  Thank you.

Beatrice:  You are much to lovely for my loser brother.  

Tina:  Oh Bea, that was AMAZING.

Beatrice:  So are you.

Benedick:  The ladies be loving the B man.

Beatrice:  We can go to college together if you want.  Or not.  Your choice.  So long as we're together.

Buck Grunt:  But someday you'll settle on just one girl.  Right?

Benedick:  Na man.  Why limit yourself?  A rock star has got to have his groupies.  

Benedick:  No.  Dad doesn't know half of what happens around here.  Me and Bea just let him think he does.

Tina:  Men do tend to be oblivious.

Benedick:  You know someday I'll have to learn to play an instrument.  Someday.

Benedick:  Maybe I could just rock the vocals.  That would be easier.  But drummers do get lots of babes.

Benedick:  So babe, would you rather date a guitarist or a drummer?

Beatrice:  We Monty's don't tend to travel.  Actually none of us have ever left Veronaville.  But if Benedick wants to travel the world I say we let him.  Maybe if we're lucky he'll get lost and won't come back.

Benedick:  I, ah, think I might love you.

Hat Girl:  You THINK?

Benedick:  Well, maybe.  Not a steady love of my life type of love but still, it's love.

Hat Girl:   Thanks a lot.  That makes me feel so special.

Benedick:  Ah, you're welcome babe.

Benedick:  Dad.  What the heck.  You're ruining my date.

Antonio:  That was amazing.  I've learned so much.

Antonio:  It was amazing.  The technology.  Breathtaking.  

Benedick:  But they're aliens dad.  Aliens.  You can never trust them.

Beatrice:  I can't believe my dad met aliens.  So weird.

Antonio:  It was such an amazing event in my life.  I'll never forget it.

Benedick:  Here babe.  Let me introduce you to my magic hands.

Bangles:  I wish Benedick was my man.

Antonio:  ....

Benedick:  Of course I'll be your man.  For now.

Pink Tights:  Benedick, I will NEVER let you go.

Antonio:  The aliens gave me something after all.  I'm going to have my own little alien someday.

An average week.

Career Happenings:

House Pics:

Were completely forgotten.  Sorry.


If I had them they have been forgotten.  Let's see...

Antonio:  I found is job in science pretty quickly.  He needed logic and his natural hobby was science so a telescope was purchased.  Antonio had almost maxed his logic when the aliens took him.  It took less than an hour to finish when he got back.  I kept looking for a girl for him but he wasn't really attracted to anyone.  Very knowledge focused this one.

Benedick:  He is rolling the romance wants hard.  Beware ladies he's going to break your heart.  He and Tina have two bolts.  I fear Tina Traveller will break the twins apart (not that they're that close right now).

Beatrice:  Has 3 bolts with Tina Traveller.  I will try to keep these two together.  If only Bea had met her first.  I don't remember but I don't think either of these two have the want to go to college.  We'll have to see if it rolls up later.

No idea where we are going to put the alien baby.  The house is so tiny and the money is so tight.  I guess we'll figure it out when we get there.


  1. Wow... some unexpected developments there! How did you do the painting of Antonio's abduction?

    1. Paint still life. Beatrice was working on a creativity skill point when abduction was taking place. I clicked on paint still life and got the best shot I could. I think it turned out well.

  2. i do like the picture very nice. I always thought Antonio should be abducted by aliens.

  3. It's nice that Antonio will have an alien baby now that the twins are teens.
    Excellent storytelling as always.