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1.14 The Beaker Family of Strangetown

The Beaker Family of Strangetown

The Beaker's Castle / Fortress

Loki Beaker - 20 days til elder - Knowledge - Game Designer

Circe Beaker - 23 days til elder - Fortune - 5 top level businesses

Nervous Subject - 27 days til elder - Family - 3 kids graduate college
So...I played this house the first week in February.  I'll do my best to remember what was going on at the time.

Loki:  Can you believe someone actually hired him?

Circe:  Why not?  He does have a pulse.  Sometimes that's all you want in a worker.

Nervous:  I hate Timothy.  I hate him with all my being.  Hey?  Would you be willing to take him out for me?  No?  Well, it was just a thought.

Nervous:  You just had to say yes to an outing didn't you?

Loki:  Well I didn't know it would be like this.

Loki:  Sometimes Nervous, you have to just stay out of the drama.  It's easier to watch and take notes that way.

Nervous:  Where all all these people coming from?  In my whole life I've never seen so many people here at the house.  Of course I do spend a lot of time in the basement.

ACR first kiss with Gretchen.

Nervous:  You're very hot with that ball cap and sweater on.  No really, it's like 100 degrees.  Aren't you hot?

Loki:  I have created a fabulous desert for your pleasure.

Nathan:  I'll make the coffee.

Allyn Sell:  You are fabulous Circe.  You know that.  But a new style would make you even greater.

Circe:  You think?

Allyn:  I know.

Circe:  I feel like a new woman.

Circe:  That's right.  A home business.  People should pay me to see the world famous Beaker Castle.

Circe:  Ah...I smell money.

Loki:  We shall call it the Beaker Constellation.  So say I, so it shall be.

Circe:  I told you.  It already has a name.  

Loki:  A hideously boring name.  My name is better.  

Circe:  Yes, it actually is.

Circe started her second business, a lighting store.  

Circe:  Why do I feel like I've done this before?

Because the game crashed just after we had reached level 10.  Then we had to start it over.

Loki:  I generally like the evil vibe but if you two don't stop with the bugs, I'm going to have to ban you.

Evil Witch One:  I'd like to see you try it.

Evil Witch Two:  We can turn him into a bug and squash him.  That would be fun.

I'm so sick of this lighting business.  So we sell it.  Now we have the money to buy another one.

The basement is turned into a gaming hall.  What happens in the basement, stays in the basement.

Circe:  There is just never enough time in the day to get things done.

Loki:  I am an expert salesman now.  Of course I do excel at all things.

Nervous:  If you say so.

Gretchen:  Why aren't you looking at me.  I'm throwing my self at you Nervous.  Can't you see that?

Nervous:  Loki, could you make her leave?  She makes me nervous.

Loki:  You are such a mess.  I am so pleased.

Nervous:  So who are you?  I don't think I've met you before.

Allyn:  I'm over all the time to see Circe.  We've been friends forever.  Not my fault if you were hiding in the basement.

Nervous:  Leaving the house IS new to me.  I'd love to see more of the town.  Would you like to show me?

Allyn:  There are tons of things I could show you.

Nervous:  That was AMAZING.  I never.....  That was A M A Z I N G !

Allyn:  I like you Nervous.  You are so sweet.

Nervous:  I like you too Allyn.  I was wondering, would you like to marry me?  I need a wife and three kids and I think you'd be perfect for me.

Allyn:  Three kids?  Well I suppose I could manage that.

Nervous:  Are you sure we should do this now?  Loki won't like it.

Allyn:  Circe will help him get over it.

Allyn Sell Subject - NPC Bartender (staged friend of Circe) - Knowledge - Max All Skills

Nervous:  Allyn bought me some new clothes.  She thinks my new beard and hat are sexy.

Circe:  Oh my gosh.  A baby.  Loki will be thrilled.

Allyn:  Oh my gosh.  A baby.  I hope Nervous is ready for fatherhood.

Circe:  Stupid customers.  Breaking stupid stuff.  I'm going to raise the fee to visit.  I swear it.


I don't remember exactly what I was doing.  I do know that I considered moving Nervous out and in with his biological mother, Olive Specter.  I never did.

If I recall correctly, Loki mainly skilled.  Circe finished one business, twice, which turned me off working on another business.  The home business really hasn't amounted to much yet.

Allyn's & Nervous's baby was planned.  They need three after all.  Circe and Loki's baby was an ACR surprise.  Strangely enough, Circe got pregnant with risky at her business before the game crashed.  I guess the pregnancy was meant to be.

I have no plans to move the Subject family out at this time.


House (before play began I think.  Other than the basement, I don't remember if I changed anything or not.)

Second Floor - Bedrooms

Main Floor




  1. Nice to see an update, hope everything is ok, Like seeing the Beakers, shame you game crashed when do the business. It does put you off doing anything else with the sims.!

  2. Oh no! You never saved the game in between while you were bringing the lighting business up to level 10? I usually save after important events (births, deaths, birthdays, promotions) and/or every Sim-day at midnight.

    Actually, I like the idea of a lighting business and may nick it for my own game when I need another Sim to open a business :-)

    Circe really looks great with her new hairstyle!