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1.15 The Monty Family of Veronaville

The Monty Family of Veronaville

The Monty Homestead

Original Main Living Area

Original Master Suite

Updated Main Living Area

Patrizio Monty - 63 days old - Family / Pleasure - Have 6 Grandkids (has four)

Isabella Monty - 55 days old - Family / Popularity - Have 6 Grandkids (has four)

Mercutio Monty - 6 days til adult (adult photo) - Popularity - 20 best friends

Romeo Monty - 8 days til adult - Romance - Professional Party Guest

Isabella:  Bianca, your father...

Patrizio:  Is sitting right here and can speak for himself.  Bianca, I hope you know I love you.  I hope you never doubted that.  Perhaps I didn't support your dreams of chasing after a career but we loved you just the same.

Bianca:  Dad...

Patrizio:  No, no.  I have something more to say.  Daughter, I may not understand your dreams but I support you.  If you want a big fancy career than you should have one.  You don't have to get married for me to love you.  I always dreamed you would give me grandchildren.  I always dreamed you would marry.  But if those aren't your dreams then I can live with that.  Your happiness is the most important thing.

Isabella:  But if you gave us a couple of grandbabies, well we would both love that too.

Bianca:  Oh dad, I'm so glad you finally understand.

Patrizio:  Bianca, please move home.  Your mom and I miss you.  And we're not young any more.  It would be nice to have help keeping up with those boys.  Will you help us dear?  Please.

Bianca:  Oh dad, I'd love to move home.

Isabella:  And the grandbabies.  Don't forget about those.

Bianca:  MOM!

Bianca Monty - 23 days til elder - Family - Education Minister

Bianca:  Oh Kevin, the first time I saw you, I felt so much for you.  You were still in college.  You were with someone else.  But I just couldn't help myself.  I just feel that you are the one for me.

Kevin:  That's very flattering.  You are quite lovely.  And here.  And close.  You smell so good.  But I really should be heading home.

Bianca:  Are you sure?  You can't stay for just a bit?

Kevin:  We really shouldn't....

Bianca:  Yes, we really should.  In fact, my mom insists.

Patrizio:  Of course I made the family plot nice.  I'm going to be living there soon.  Oh, don't look at me like that.  We all know it's true.

Isabella:  I'm a bit worried about Bianca.  She seems so tired of late.

Patrizio:  I'm sure she'll be fine, so long as she doesn't drown in that soup.

Bianca:  I hope they weren't lying.  I hope they'll both be happy.

Patrizio:  I need a few more days.  I've got grandbabies coming.

Red Hair:  Unfair.  I wanted to do that.

Chloe:  Now it's your turn big boy.

Romeo:  Do you know how many people order breakfast at midnight?  Well I do.  TONS.  I can't wait to get out of the food business.   If I'm forced to spit in one more plate I may just snap.

Bianca:  I worry about you.  I really do.

I worry about all of you.

Oberon:  Ah, young love.

Oberon:  Wait, did my woman just kiss another woman?

Angela Pleasant:  Sleep with you?  I have a boyfriend.  I would NEVER sleep with you.

Mercutio:  But you look off all your clothes and climbed into my bed.

Angela:  That's different.  Technically we haven't even kissed.

Mercutio:  Yes, it was a great party.  Somewhat disappointing.  Everyone BUT me had a great time.

Isabella:  Have you decided on names?  Family names would be lovely.

Bianca:  I haven't really thought about it yet.

Isabella:  And the baby's father?  When will you have him over for dinner?  We don't care if it's a Capp.  Well we mind but we would understand.  Hormones and all.  And we'll love that baby even if it is part Capp.

Bianca:  Well set your mind at ease.  The father isn't a Capp.  You may be okay with me hooking up with a Capp but the Capp's aren't.

Isabella:  So my daughter isn't good enough for your brother?  Snobby snooty trashy family.

Goneril:  What?  I just walked by.

Bianca:  I have so been dreading this part.

Bianca:  It's a daughter.  I'll name her Silvia.

Bianca:  And a son.  I'll name you Nemo.

Isabella:  Yes it's time.  The baby should be here any moment.

Kevin:  Baby?

Kevin:  I got your call Bianca.  Hey, whose baby is that?

Bianca:  Yours, or rather ours.  The other one is in the bathroom.

Kevin:  Other one?

Isabella:  Twins.  What a wonderful blessing.

Romeo:  There goes our quiet home.

Kevin:  Babies.  Mine?  I just can't believe it.  How will I explain this to Heather?

Isabella:  Who's Heather?

Romeo:  The woman he lives with.  You are in trouble dude.  Big trouble.

Bianca:  Mercutio, you're a guy.  Would you be very upset if a woman didn't tell you that she was expecting your baby until the baby was already born?

Mercutio:  That would be a yes.

Bianca:  I was afraid of that.


Patrizio:  But I haven't held Silvia yet.


Isabella:  Oh Patrizio.  How will I live without you?

Mercutio:  I will hold the family together now that I'm an adult.

Bianca:  It's time for my babies' birthday.

Silvia Monty - Aquarius - 3-5-6-5-6

Nemo Monty - Gemini - 3-10-9-10-1

We interrupt this birthday for a lightning fire.

Isabella:  Stay out of the way there boy.

Romeo:  Was I on fire?  I felt I was on fire.  I could have died.

Isabella:  You're being a bit dramatic.  You were barely singed.


My percentage was not good.  Elders are hard.  Teens are a pain.  Bianca annoyed me.

Speaking of Bianca, Kevin was her highest attraction.  They had flirted while he was in college.  They were good friends which made Kevin an easy choice for baby daddy.  The twins were actually natural.  Of course both of them have the family fertility perk.  I'm not looking for a husband for her.  I'm hoping she has no more kids.

Patrizio and Isabella got their greatest wish.  Isabella will be helping raise the kids.  

Mercutio and Romeo were neglected this round.  Neither rolled up the want to go to college.  They won't be attending.  One or both will probably stay on this lot.

The fire lasted for HOURS.  I just let it burn.  Then, for reasons I'll never understand, Romeo finally noticed it.  He almost got himself killed.  I was okay with that.  Apparently his grandmother wasn't.  She saved him without prompting.

Well that's all for now.  I haven't played Sims 2 since February.  I've been on a Sims 4 streak.  I'm trying to figure out how to get a gold medal (?) in parties.  Haven't managed it yet.   Hopefully the mood will strike soon now that I've caught up my blogging.  Until then...happy simming.

The final house layout:

Main living area.

Master Suite.


Family Plot




  1. That was a nostalgic read for me - it's been years (literally, not only in Sims terms) since Patrizio and Monty died of old age in my game. They must have been among the very first Sims to go.
    Ha ha loved that picture of Mercutio smelling the prickly pears :-D
    Poor Bianca's twins - they will never win a beauty contest, will they? But of course, that's shallow me... The less pretty Sims are just as good as the prettier ones.

  2. Yeah the Monty grandparents are quite old. I think all sims are nice looking even kennedy cox. I also loved the picture of Mercuitio smelling the cacti, who would do that!