Saturday, February 7, 2015

1.13 The Tinker Family of Bluewater Village

The Tinker Family of Bluewater Village

Stephen Tinker - 11 days til elder - Family - Captain Hero - Film & Literature

Wanda Tinker - 13 days til elder - Family - Marry 6 kids - Marry Off 6 Kids

Melody Tinker - 14 days til - Knowledge - Mad Scientist - Sports

Melody:  Mom, I want to go to college.  I want to be a scientist.  Marriage?  Well, maybe someday but it isn't on my radar.  I'm to young to worry about all that.

Stephen:  Don't worry Wanda.  She'll marry someday.  Give us grandkids.  You'll see.

Wanda:  I'm not convinced she'll marry.  I've waited for years to have more kids.  Now it feels like it's to late.  My dream of having a large loving family may never come true.

Melody:  That was so sweet.  So, you want to play catch?

Stephen:  Nice to meet you.  Just walk around the teens.  I think Wanda is cooking something up inside.

Malcolm: I deserve a place on the couch.  Why don't they move.  I'm rich and important.

Jodie:  I agree. We should get to sit on the couch.  Make them move Malcolm.  Make them move.

Dina:  Aww.  She's never been kissed before.  

Bella:  Well I guess everyone has to start somewhere.

David:  That was a little awkward.  I hope my girlfriend doesn't find out.

Sharla:  I'm sure I won't tell her....for a price.

Chloe:  Thanks hun.  I needed that.

Rick:  Dang.  How does he do that?

John:  Does he drug them?  Is that how your brother gets all the girls?  

Sharla:  No.  I'm pretty sure they are all just crazy.

Chloe:  No I'm not.  He was just there and it seemed like a good idea.  At the time.  

David:  You want me to do what?  No way.  I just can't.

Chloe:  It was just a thought.  You know, kiss ALL the girls.  Kind of a clean sweep of sorts.

Wanda:  I am craving cookies.  I know I shouldn't have them for breakfast but I want them so much.

Wanda:  Oh my gosh.  I can't believe it.  Wait until I tell Stephen.

Melody:  I've got to buckle down.  College is just around the corner.

Wanda:  All I want is sweets.  This is SO good.

Wanda:  I'm not opposed to you going to college Melody.  I think it's great.  I just want you to marry someday.  Is that to much to ask?

Melody:  No headmaster, I'm not interested in business.  I really want to go into science.  I think it's so fascinating. 

Kaylynn:  I love cooking too.  Of course I have to cook for so many people.  It takes some of the fun out of it.  And I'm constantly having to remind myself that I shouldn't put anything into her food.  Yes, that's hard.  

Wanda:  I can't believe I'm having my baby in the yard in front of a strangely hot complete stranger.

Wanda:  Melody.  Come catch the baby.

Melody:  Smile and walk.  Smile and walk.

Wanda:  It's a boy.  A son for Stephen.  He'll be so thrilled.  I think I'll name you Foley.  Foley Tinker.


 Melody:  And a girl.  I've always like the name Queen.  Yes, Queen Tinker it is.

Melody:  MOM!  What did you do to my workout space?

Wanda:  The babies needed a nursery.  You can work out somewhere else.

Stephen:  Yes, my wife just gave me twins.  A boy and a girl.  We are super excited.

Kaylynn:  I could give you more.

Stephen:  What?

Kaylynn:  Nothing.  Congrats.

Kaylynn:  I find you uncontrollably attractive.  I want to do you right here on the table.

Stephen:  What?

Kaylynn:  Nothing.  I'll behave myself.  I promise.

Melody:  Dad, I hope we get to meet the aliens.

Stephen:  It's probably just a pipe dream but maybe it will come true.

Wanda:  We have really neglected the garden Stephen.

Stephen:  Well we have been really busy.

Melody:  I may have changed my mind.

Wanda:  Oh my baby.  I hope she's okay.

Melody:  That wasn't what I expected.

Melody:  Ha.  This private school is lacking.  I managed to sneak in and they never knew I was late.

Stephen:  Are you sure you want to try that again?

Melody:  Yes.  Last time I didn't know what to expect.  This time I can take notes.  It will be awesome.

Melody:  Be back soon dad.

Wanda:  I'm a plant...sort of.  Stephen are you seeing this?

Stephen:  What?

Wanda:  Well she made it back again.  I hope she's got this out of her system now.

Melody:  That was so freaking amazing.  It's going to make a killer paper.  I bet I can get a scholarship for this.

Queen Tinker - Capricorn - 7-2-3-8-5 

Melody:  Happy Birthday Queen.  Now let's get you a bottle.

Foley Tinker - Taurus - 7-9-3-8-7

Wanda:  Happy birthday Foley. 

Wanda:  I had forgotten how hard toddler training can be.

Wanda:  I just want another baby.  I can't wait.

Zinnia Tinker - capricorn - 7-3-1-7-7
Wanda:  Welcome to the world little one.

Melody:  Cassandra, we've spent so much time training the toddlers that some other things are suffering.  Would you be willing to help with the gardening?  Please?

Cassandra:  I can't believe I let her talk me into this.  But they are taking care of twins.  I hope I have twins one day.  With Don's good looks and my brains.

Stephen:  I can't believe it.  I'm a plant now too.  WANDA!  What have you done to me woman?

Melody:  Must earn logic.  Need more scholarships.

Stephen:  I am a little sad that I wasn't taken by the aliens.  An alien child would have been a joy.  But now I think I'm just to old.

Wanda:  You're not to old to be a father.  Just a mother.  And you are a great father.

Wanda:  I'm feeling kind of sick.  And yet I'd love some cookies right now.

Wanda:  You are so talented Zinnia.  You will make a good wife and mother someday.  Someday soon.

Wanda:  Yes, my husband and I have been working hard on our garden.  We'd like to join the garden club please.

Blue Alien:  Well, we'll see. 

Two more orchard trees were bought just for the garden club evaluation but we did keep them.

A nice large field of flowers were added just for points.  They were sold quickly after.

This garden section was added and will be kept.  Every garden needs a water feature.

All the extra family funds were used to buy temporary items just for points.

Things worked out nicely.  Now we can easily (I hope) find a mate for all these kids.

Stephan:  Walking is important Foley.  How else will you catch a girl?

Melody:  I think I know enough now.   Not all but enough.

Melody:  Well I'm off to Academe Le Tour. 

Wanda:  By baby.  Take care.  Call.  And keep an eye out for a husband.

Melody:  Or wife?

Wanda:  Sure.  Either way is fine with me.  Just find someone you can love forever.

Melody:  So no pressure.

So pretty when not fighting the world.


Not bad.  Stephen was hard.  He had so much to do.  He got stuck with the garden.  His want were hard to do.  A lot of best friend wants.



Why is it always 6 kids to marry when they don't have much time to have and raise 6 kids?  So pregnancy number one was done on the community lot by Wanda and Stephen.  It was an ACR try for baby.  Pregnancy number two, which hasn't had the first pop yet, was also an ACR pregnancy.  For those who don't use ACR, in the picture above, Wanda had a three percent chance to get pregnant.  That means she needed to roll a 0, 1 or 2 to get pregnant.  I guess it was meant to be.  Nothing I wanted.  I was all in with the plant baby idea.  Maybe we'll just fill the entire neighborhood with Tinkers.

Stephen:  Has three bolts with four women who aren't his wife.  Only two with Wanda.  One of the 3 bolts is married but the other two are single.  I'll try to keep them under control.  Stephen is doing okay with his career for someone with no skills. He might pull this off eventually...if raising kids doesn't get in the way.

Wanda:  Wanted a baby and got herself one.  I did feed her cheese cake because I didn't think we'd have but one pregnancy.  She wanted a plant baby so I gave her one.  We were headed there anyway.  I'm not sure how many plant babies she will spawn but at least two. Probably three...or more.

Melody:  She got hung up on wanting to get abducted.  That takes a big chunk out of your day.  Eventually fall hit and she got into skilling.  Thank goodness.  She has found several two bolt attractions but no three bolt.  I'm not that worried about finding her a husband yet but I'm always looking just in case.

Sorry about no pictures of the house.  Forgot again.  Will try to do better.  I didn't make many changes except the nursery.  Most of the time was spent outside on the garden.  And letter of the baby's name rolling is starting to drive me batty.  A Q and a Z.  Really?  If Q keeps coming up I may start excluding it.  I'm running out of idea.  Then again, a baby named Quilt could be cute...maybe?


  1. A baby called quilt not so sure lo, But your game. i got Wanda to adopt five children and have a baby of her own. That way she won't be that old when they get to teenagers. I don't like plant sims so that way wouldn't work for me. Nice job

  2. That was an interesting round! Very busy for everyone. You got a very young looking Headmaster there; in my game, they are always Elders (I think).
    Wow, both Stephen and Wanda are Plantsims now! That should make toddler training easier because they don't need to sleep.
    All the best for Melody at college!