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1.12 Pleasant Family of Pleasantview

The Pleasant Family of Pleasantview
Daniel Pleasant aka 'The Man'- 5 days til elder - Romance - Woohoo 20 sims - Tinkering

Mary-Sue Oldie Pleasant aka 'The Wife' - 7 days til elder - Fortune - Hand of Poseidon - Music & Dance

Angela Pleasant aka 'The Good Twin' - 10 days til - Popularity - 20 Best Friends - Nature

Lilith Pleasant aka 'The Bad/Misunderstood Twin' - 10 days til - Popularity - 5 top level businesses - Sports

Kaylynn Langerak aka 'The Mistress' - NPC Maid - Family - 6 grandkids - Tinkering

Mary-Sue:  We'll have to be quick.  I have to head to work soon.  So, what will you be doing on your day off today?

Daniel:  Oh, I thought I'd head to the gym and work out.  I'm up for another promotion soon.

Daniel:  This is my kind of workout.

Daniel:  I wish people wouldn't judge.  The undead need love too.

Daniel:  I've overdosed on loving.  Time for a soak in the hot tub.

Loki:  How dare you still lust after my wife?

Vidcund:  I've moved on you fool.  Even I can tell she isn't the one for me.  

Loki:  I don't believe you.  You Curious brothers never let go of anything.

Pascal:  He's got you there brother.

Daniel:  Kaylynn. I'm so glad your back.  Is everything handled.

Kaylynn:  Yes Daniel.  I've given up my apartment.  Everything is in storage.  I'm ready to move in and help around the house 24/7...until the girls graduate and you can divorce that horrible wife of yours.

Daniel:  Oh baby.  That day can't come to soon but you're going to have to watch what you say.  My girls will be home from school any time now.  So...why don't I show you up to our room.

Kaylynn:  Our room?

Daniel:  Well, I plan on sleeping there as often as I can...with you, my love.  Always with you.

Lilith:  Stupid people.  I am NOT the bad twin.  I rarely do anything completely terrible.  I'm just EVERYONE...but Dirk.  He loves me for me.

Dustin:  Angela, isn't your dad home?

Angela:  Sure, but he's to busy chasing the maid to notice us.

Kaylynn:  I can't believe I agreed to move in and help.  I do feel for Mary-Sue.  It's hard to lose both your parents in a tragedy like that.  But it doesn't mean I'm not taking her husband for my own just as soon as the kids have graduated high school.

Angela:  You know he won't leave my mom, right?

Kaylynn:  (ignoring her....and all my doubts)

Daniel:  That's my girl.  I've seen your report card and you're grades are nearly perfect.  You'll have no trouble getting into college.

Angela:  I'm don't think I want to go dad.

Lilith:  She'll go if DUSTIN goes.  Oh wait, he's just your current booty call, right?

Daniel:  Stop spreading lies Lilith.  That's no way to behave.

Lilith:  She never said I was lying dad...cause I'm not.

Mary-Sue:  I told you there was plenty of room in Angela's closet. 

Daniel:  Only because she hasn't moved all her close out of her old room yet.

having flashbacks

Kaylynn:  Fixing breakfast for the family...that just can't grow up fast enough.

Kaylynn:  You're actually very attractive Oberon but I'm in a relationship right now.

Oberon:  As am I.  That doesn't mean we couldn't be friends....with or without benefits.

Kaylynn:  Without.  Sorry.

Oberon:  If you change your mind, just call.

Mary-Sue:  I can't believe I was fired.  I've never chased my dream because this was such a high paying job.  I guess I have no excuses now.

Mary-Sue:  Dirk, my daughter is fragile.

Dirk:  Lilith?

Mary-Sue:  Yes Dirk, Lilith.  Don't play with her heart.  We don't have a good relationship but she is my daughter.  She thinks you are the only one who understands her.  If you break that trust, she'll shatter, and I'll be forced to have you taken out.  

Dirk:  Sorry?

Mary-Sue:  Oh sure, I'll be sorry to do it but it will be done.

Kaylynn:  Oh gosh.  (Act natural.  I hope no one saw me drool.) 

Lilith:  Oh Dirk.  I love you.

Dirk:  I love you to Lilith.  For always.  But your mom....she's scary, so I better go.

Angela:  I already warned the Maid off.  What more can we do?

Lilith:  Why do we have to do anything?  Especially now.  I think you should just leave it be.

Angela:  But she's after our father.

Lilith:  Oh please.  You know he'll never leave our mom...even if we wanted him to.  But I'm telling you, now is not the time to interfere.  The adults are going to have to work this mess our on their own.  Besides, we'll be out of here in a few years.  Let's just sit back and watch the fireworks.

Angela:  I just don't understand you at all.

Lilith:  I get that a lot.

Lilith:  Hit the gas dude.  Dad just headed out and everyone else is asleep but I don't want to get caught out past curfew.  

Daniel:  No, I'm just saying a little woohoo.  If you've never, well I'm not adverse to being your first.

Daniel:  Pay for it?  Why would I need to do that?

Daniel:  For some reason I feel more at peace now.  Maybe I can settle down with just my two women now.  Maybe.

Lilith:  Actually, I was just following dad.  Have you told him you're pregnant yet?

Mary-Sue:  This isn't about me.  This is about you and your deplorable behavior.

Lilith:  Right.  So, can I watch when you tell him.  I'll pop popcorn and make sure Kaylynn has the best seat.

Daniel:  It's nice to have some time to myself now.  Hitting those later years in my life.  Just peace and quiet and my two ladies.  Now that's the life.

Lilith:  So....who didn't see this coming?

Angela:  See what coming?

Lilith:  So I'm also the smart twin....dumb ass. 

Mary-Sue:  Lilith!

Lilith:  What?  So, Kaylynn, when are we going to meet the baby's daddy?  Humm?

Kaylynn:  Well....

Mary-Sue:  I don't think that would be appropriate Lilith.  Kaylynn is just the help.  She knows better to bring her...friend....into my house.

Lilith:  Yes.  I'm sure that's what you know, isn't it Kaylynn.

Kaylynn:  Your daughter...

Mary-Sue:  I'm aware.  We just have to overlook that one.  At least I have my Angela.  And now I'll have another.  I was shocked of course to find out I was expecting.  The doctor's said I couldn't have any more.  But not that I've gotten use to the idea, well I'm thrilled of course.

Mary-Sue:  I know we asked you to move in after my parents died so horribly.  I wasn't handling it well and keeping the house up was just beyond me.  I had planned to ask you to leave soon.  But with the baby, well now I think you should stay on.  I like the idea of a live in nanny.

Kaylynn:  Nanny?

Mary-Sue:  Yes, of course.  But with your...condition coming to light, well I've had second thoughts.  Do I really want my precious baby influenced by someone who is expecting out of wedlock?  But to fire you in your condition just seems wrong.  So I think you should stay on as our baby's nanny.  I'll overlook the fact that you'll be raising your bastard here as well.

Kaylynn: ......

Mary-Sue:  I think that's very big of me, don't you.  But don't let me catch Don Lothario running around my home in his all together.

Kaylynn:  Don?

Mary-Sue:  The baby's daddy.  Right?  You to have carried on for years.  I understand it.  He's nice to look at.  But that boy will never marry you.  You would do better to set your sights on someone else.  So it's agreed.  I'll let Daniel know.

Mary-Sue:  So it's settled.  I told Kaylynn she could stay and be our nanny.

Daniel:  You WHAT?

Mary-Sue:  Well, with her being knocked up I didn't think it would look good if we kicked her out.  But if I catch her with Don Lothario in my house, she's out.

Daniel:  Wait?  What?  Don?

Mary-Sue:  Are you slow?  Kaylynn is pregnant.  Who else would the father be?

Daniel:  I just... I can't.... pregnant?  You AND Kaylynn are pregnant?  I need a drink.

Mary-Sue:  Stupid man.  Didn't even pretend to be excited for our new baby.  Oh mom, I know this was you.  You always wanted me to have more children.  And now you somehow managed to get me one.  I don't know if I should put flowers on your grave in thanks or dig you up and crush you bones with a hammer.

Lilith:  What the heck?  

Angela:  How could you not tell me?  You knew.

Lilith:  I suspected.  About mom.  Kaylynn I wasn't so sure about but I'm not surprised.  The way those two 'snuggle' every night.  Bound to happen.

Angela:  But Don has never even been here.

Lilith:  Oh lord, you are so naive.

Kaylynn:  Breakfast is almost done.

Kaylynn:  Didn't you hear me?

Mary-Sue:  I heard you.  Wanted cookies.  SO GOOD.

Kaylynn:  I don't know how much of this I can take.  It's just to much.  It's to much for him to ask of me.

Mary-Sue:  You should drop the baby on Don's doorstep and run.  That'd serve him right.

Kaylynn:  This isn't the way my life was supposed to go.

Mary-Sue:  So you aren't going out tonight?

Daniel:  No.  I thought I'd stay home tonight and tinker.

Mary-Sue:  So, I'll meet you in the bedroom?

Daniel:  Why?  The craft station is upstairs.

Rick:  Yeah, your sister said party so I came.  I didn't know it was an all dude party.  What was she thinking?

Lilith:  I think she's looking to replace Dustin.  Poor dude.  They don't have a future but he doesn't see that the end is near.

Lilith:  Yeah Dirk, Angela threw a party.  I think it's blown up in her face.  The teens aren't interested in her.  The adults keep getting zapped in that hot tub dad bought.  What?  No, I don't think their into me.  And what if they are?  I only have eyes for you babe.

Mary-Sue:  So, have you told Don Lothario yet?  Cassandra is my friend.  I'd rather you tell him before their wedding.

Lilith:  <laughs>  Don?  Don't think so.

Mary-Sue:  Is Don not the baby's father?  If not him, then who?                   This soup isn't settling well.  You should try to do better in the future.

Mary-Sue:  OHHHH!   OWWWW!

Mary-Sue:  Kaylynn, help me.  You'll deliver the baby right?

Mary-Sue:  Oh Daniel.  It's a BOY!  A son.  I've given you a son.

Kaylynn:  I'm going to be sick.

Mary-Sue:  Camden.  Yes, I'll name you Camden Pleasant.  

Lilith:  Watching that makes me want to keep my legs closed....FOREVER.

Mary-Sue:  Nanny Kaylynn, take Camden to the nursery for me.  I just HAVE to have a shower.

Kaylynn:  No.  No, no, no.

Daniel:  I can't believe I have a son.

Daniel:  Hello little one, I'm your dad.  You are my heir.  This is so exciting.  I never expected to be this happy.

Kaylynn:  DANIEL!

Daniel:  Yes, I took Camden up to the nursery and tucked him in.  Mary-Sue seems down for the count.  Everything is good.

Kaylynn:  I'm in labor you idiot.

Daniel:  Another baby.  Oh shit.  Another set of twins.  That didn't go so well the first time.

Kaylynn:  Look.  A boy.
Daniel:  Twin boys this time.  I need to lay down.

Kaylynn:  Oh Daniel.  He looks just like you.

Kaylynn:  What should we name him?

Kaylynn:  Daniel?

Kaylynn:  Fine.  Then I'll name our son.  How about Yancey.  Yancey Langerak.

Daniel:  What?  But he's a Pleasant.

Kaylynn:  Yes he is.  So are you willing to tell your wife that?  Huh?


This was a four day week, Thursday til Sunday.  We ran into Monday just a bit.  By the time I had Mary-Sue and Camden settled, Kaylynn had gone into labor.  Poor Kaylynn.  She didn't have the best of weeks.

This round was played over four days in real life.  I think that's why I had so many pictures.



I like to move in Kaylynn because she is in love with two playable sims.  To me, that makes her playable.  I know I don't need more simmies running around but oh well.  What's one more.  Since I didn't know where Don's life might lead him, this seemed the best place to move her in.

Daniel:  ACR was used for his LTW.  Fulfilling it actually caught me off guard.  I didn't realize he gotten that far.  There are actually only about 10 women besides the wife and mistress.  He tried to get them to take a go in the photo booth and then in the hot tub which counts as two memories.  Sort of cheating but then again it's really just making use of game glitches.  I highly suspect that by time I get back to this house one or both of his loves may have caught him cheating.  We'll have to wait and see.  Daniel will become an elder in just one day.  I could have aged him up but I didn't.

Mary-Sue:  Was apparently knocked up in the closet.  I didn't think risky worked in the closets but either it does or I hit the wrong command.  It took her until well into pregnancy to find her dream job.  Maybe she can work to the top before her death.  Mary-Sue was easy to play because she didn't ask for anything all that expensive so I could buy her happiness.

Kaylynn:  Her pregnancy was intentional due to her LTW.  She will probably at some point have one or two more kids.  I like 2-3 kids for the 6 grandkids want.  Kaylynn hasn't taken a job now.  She does all the cooking, although we do have a maid that shows up to clean.  She will probably do a lot of child care...assuming she's here next round.  Kaylynn has found a three bolt guy but he's MARRIED.  She does seem to have a type.  You'll see her stalking her 3 bolter next house.

Angela:  The want to go to college rolled away quickly and never came back.  I've tried to work on getting her friends but she keeps getting into arguments with people.  What is wrong with you?  You're suppose to be the good/easy twin.  I should have tried for a wishing well but I was kind of busy and it didn't occur to me at the time.  Maybe next round.  Then again, the twins will age to adult before the end of next round so maybe not.  We'll see.  Angela and Dustin have one bolt and with his aspiration I see him going to college.  She will probably wind up with someone else...if I have any thing to say about it.

Lilith:  I know I'm weird but I love Lilith but get annoyed with Angela.  The fighting wasn't so bad this round.  Just one quick slap fest with not actual fights between the twins.  I kept them busy as much as possible.  Lilith also doesn't want to go to college.  I didn't have the time or money to start on a business for her.  I'll get started eventually.  Maybe one while she's a teen at home so the family gets some money.  The rest might come later.

It was a short, quick but busy round.  Forgot to take pictures of the house again.  Barely remembered to take face shots of the sims.  I'm slipping I guess.


  1. I always liked playing the Pleasants! Untypical for me, in my game, the marriage of Mary-Sue and Daniel went through a rocky patch. But they did make up later on. Now they have long gone. Kaylynn never featured in my hood because I had to clean out all the memories for outside-the-household Sims when I created New Maximiliania, so it is very interesting for me to see what happens when the relationships are as Maxis orginially intended.
    A LOT going on in just four days!

  2. i loved the way you made mary-sue and Kaylynn pregnant at the same time. It did make me giggle. I love the way you made it that mary-sue had no idea but Lilith did, very good writing

  3. Very funny that Mary-Sue and Kaylynn are pregnant at the same time :)